To Choose or not to Choose

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Abortion can be a very disputed topic among many different groups of people. However the question comes down to , should all women be allowed to choose or should all abortions no matter the circumstances be considered murder? No matter what, it is believed that the baby should always have a fair opportunity at a life of their own however certain circumstances come down to abortion being the best option not only for the mother but the baby as well.

Pro Choice

Out of the 321,500 rape victims every year 5% cause pregnancies which only 1.

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3% of those women get abortions which comes down to only half of them ending with an abortion.Out of the 13000 women that have an abortion due to rape, studies show that 45% said that they felt more regret before the procedure rather than after. Most people that argue the ¨pro choice¨ side state that their goal is not to force women to have abortions, their goal is to give women that are faced with difficult situations such as rape or medical problems to have a fair choice of what to put their bodies through for those 9 months, and even after the birth of the child which is what 51% of women voted should be legal on a survey made in 2003.

For most, adoption is the first thing that they try to force into pro choice believers as soon as they mention anything about the topic, however many mothers that chose adoption for their babies later reported that it has cause them a greater trauma to worry about how their kid is doing or thinking about what kind of environment they are in rather than choosing to go through with the abortion. After being put up for adoption studies show that 13% of children have been sexually abused in their new homes, this should not be something a mother should have to think about especially when they might blame themselves for putting them out in the world and allowing the opportunity for someone to take advantage of them in that way.

Another very popular argument is most women regret their choices after the abortion, although this may be true in many cases, having the possibility of regretting something shouldn’t make that thing illegal. If the government put an end to all things that could cause anyone to regret their choice, many life saving procedures and many other things would be completely cut off for everyone.

In 1973, the court ruled that any state law that banned abortions was considered unconstitutional; this goes to show that making the decision for a woman’s choice of how to use her body is not right in any way that you might put it. If it hadn’t been for this law many women would have turned to illegal abortion procedures, which made up 16% of all pregnancy related deaths in 1995. Overturning this law would simply be an act in which clearly no consideration of 73% of the American public opposed to changing this law was taken if the decision was to be made.

Pro Life

When abortion is brought up there will always be disagreements , whether that be pro life believers arguing that it is more emotionally and mentally painful for a mother to take the life of her own baby way or how much pain the baby must feel in that second. Having an abortion no matter how long a woman has been pregnant is simply immoral if you think about taking someones opportunity to life away from them.

As a matter of fact the human embryo no matter how small it might be is biologically alive. Scientists state that embryos have the four necessary things needed to be alive, which are, metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli and reproduction. Although most people may argue that the baby doesn’t feel anything during the procedure, tests have proven a small twitch the baby makes as soon as the first action of abortion is made.


Arguing that the baby is simply ¨not human¨ doesn’t make any sense scientifically speaking, saying that simply shows someone’s moral beliefs whether they come out and say it or not. Not understanding that pregnancy begins as soon as a sperm cell fertilizes an egg and not several months after simply because the baby finally has a face is a big part of why most people refuse to admit that abortion is wrong.

Womens Beliefs

Most women believe that abortion should be legal for those women that are forced to make a decision due to a life threatening pregnancy, however only 7% of abortions were due to saving the life of the mother the other 93% were simply a perfectly healthy mother choosing not to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby.

Women experience

The majority of women state that they have full regret even after 3 years of the procedure which comes to show abortion is not going to just make the problem go away. For example Leslie blackwell a co regional coordinator in Virginia shared her story and stated that she always said ¨Next thing i knew i was going to do was get rid of this inconvenience.¨ She ended up having the abortion and later that year had to get another one, she says that those two abortions in one year emotionally and mentally broke her and would not recommend getting an abortion to anyone, simply because she no believes everyone deserves to have chance at life and she would never wish that type of emotional or mental damage on anyone.


The topic of abortion will always be a difficult thing to avoid simply because so many different people have such different views on it. Many opinions vary from it only being legal if it was a life threatening situation or a pregnancy caused by incest or rape, or it being illegal all together. In many cases should always try to give their baby a chance to have a life of their own. The truth is the government will never be able to set a standard law for an entire country simply because no matter what decision is made not everyone will be pleased in the process. They will have to take into consideration every situation that every person might be facing for abortion to be the most sensible choice to make in their mind.

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