Basic Personal Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

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Passion is the drive and zeal within you that no matter how hard the task is, you do not give in. Having passion will help an entrepreneur lay a foundation towards success. When you love what you are doing you tend to give your best and perform effectively. Compared to others, you more than willing to go an extra mile. Life is not always in favor of us, there will be moment that we fail, but passion will fuel our motivation. Passion will give us extraordinary courage to rise every time we stumble and fall. When the situation becomes tough instead of feeling defeated and give up, you will treat it as a challenge. No matter hard it can be, passion will help you make it through, simply because you love doing it.


The fact that while doing something new we will fail makes others cringe and not do it. However, being resilient is understanding that failure is not the end of the road, but a ladder towards success. Resilience is the ability that allows people to bounce back every time life knocked them down. Instead of allowing failure to overcome them, they find a way to rise from that failure. Furthermore, resilient people use this failure to learn, improve and educate themselves to be prepare for the next battle.

Strong sense of self

A strong sense of self is the awareness of you truly are. It is directly related on how we feel about ourselves, our capabilities and skills and self-esteem. This important as it lays the foundation for the overall elements and aspects of our lives. Possessing a strong sense of self allow us to go through a storm and still stay on the right course. With so many external influences that aim to pull us down, a strong sense of self will keep us motivated to continue what we have started.


The only thing which is constant is change. Being flexible is one of the most important characteristics every entrepreneur must possess. It is highly important when the business is encountering unexpected twist and turns, but also necessary to cultivate even in times where things are going well. The goal is to be flexible enough to any changes in the internal or external environment of the business.


Vision is the desired future state or idea of an entrepreneur. Setting a strong and clear vision and to pursue it with passion is a vital key to achieved success. Having vision also helps the entrepreneur in the ups and downs of the business as guide him or her towards the future he or she aims to have. Finally, with vision the entrepreneur can solve difficult problems in unusual and innovative ways.


Entrepreneurs perceive risks as advancing their business is some way. However, before taking any risk they first calculate the potential results and have contingency plans which is quite different from being rash. When doing something new or innovation, entrepreneurs mitigated the level of risk by making sure that all the possible calculations is made. Ordinary people tend cringe when talking about risks, but entrepreneurs view risks as an avenue to progress. 

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