Bill Gates Entrepreneur

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Updated: Feb 08, 2020
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Bill Gates, along with other companions, created the famous software of Microsoft. Microsoft has, and is continuing to prosper around the globe due to it being created in a free enterprise system economy. However, people may say he only succeeded due to his families wealth and not the free enterprise system.

Bill Gates is famously known for his great development of Microsoft in 1976. Microsoft could not have been possible if the united states did not have free enterprise. Without free enterprise, economy with none or very little government regulation, Bill Gates would have had tremendous trouble trying to have permission from the government to start his own computer software. After the development of Microsoft, Internet Explorer was created as well by Gates company. With just these two products on the market, Gates was a multimillionaire.

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Bill Gates then created the first version of Microsoft Windows in the 90’s and then continued to create other programs like Word, Excel, Power point, and others. To this day his company has prospered and has made him one of the richest men in america. However, without a free enterprise system, government regulations would have most likely stopped Gates from becoming too successful with his business. Also his company might not be here today with out free enterprise system.

On the other hand however, people may say he could have been successful without free enterprise because his family was already wealthy. Although this may have been somewhat true, in an economy without free enterprise systems, one family would not have been more wealthy then others. Bill Gates used his skills and brains to build a business.

In conclusion, Bill Gates was very successful with his industry thanks to free enterprise. He, along with his employees and friends, created and almost perfected the software known as Microsoft. Although some people may say his success was due to his families wealth, they would have never been wealthy without free enterprise as well. Bill Gates filled the needs and wants of consumers, thus making him become successful compared to his competitions.

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