Animal Farm: Final Word Response

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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According to Animal Farm by George Orwell, Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin in a sociopolitical system. Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union and rose to power as general secretary and became a soviet dictator. Napoleon was the leader of Animal Farm after the rebellion. He was very cruel and lacked empathy, He took nine puppies from their parents to raise them himself and used them for protection. The dogs were like a military force to intimidate the other animals so they would be afraid and listen to him.

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He was power hungry and wanted to be the main one in control. When they were making plans to build the windmill and Napoleon saw most of the animals were agreeing with Snowball’s plan, he called his nine dogs to chase him off the farm; Stalin did a similar thing to Leon Trotsky.

Napoleon is responsible by the current state on the farm because he has control and the most power over all the animals on the farm. He makes most of the decisions and decides what to do, like changing some of the seven commandments, “No animal shall kill any other animal without cause (98). This enables Napoleon to be able to execute other animals and secures his power through fear and intimidation.

In a given social political system, one of my group mates said Squealer was the White House press secretary or the spokesperson for the president. Squealer is good with his words which is why the animals trust him. I agree with my groupmate because Squealer made most of the speeches to the animals. He was one of the leaders on animal farm and did things that were manipulative towards the animal. Another one of my group mates got Snowball and said he was like Vladimir Lenin who was the original leader of the soviet union before Stalin. Snowball was a charismatic leader and was a man of the people, like obama. I agree with them because the other animals trusted him more than Napoleon. Although he was turned into a scapegoat and was blamed for his mistakes, he was the second leader in animal farm after the rebellion along with Napoleon.

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