Andrew Jackson – Good or Bad?

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“Deciding if Andrew Jackson was a good or bad President is very controversial. Like every person, he did some bad and good things in his life. To figure out if he was a good or bad president, we have to check all he did as president and how it helped or hurt the country and its people. If you look at how he affected the country and its people, as a U. S. president, it shows that overall he was a good president.

Andrew Jackson served as the seventh president of the United States from 1829 to 1837. Many people were so overwhelmed with happiness, that they crashed into the White House. While this showed that many people in the lower class were happy with their new president, it also showed that they were very destructive. Unlike George Washington’s Inauguration Day which had people who had money, were educated, and had direct relationship with the government, Andrew Jackson’s Inauguration Day had people who were in many different classes and there were many checlk.He is credited with being the first president of people. He also was an American hero to many because of how he won against the brit and indi. This also meant that he sometimes did unethical decisions and sometimes went against laws, orders, and many say the constitutionui. His desicuons as president changed how the government would work for the future, he included the people more than the original creators of the constitution wanted them to. Most people can agree that the relocation of the American Indians was brutal. This changed how American Indians and their future generations live in the United States. Another big event that Jackson had a part in was the economic crisis the United States. Jackson contributed this by fighting against the federal bank. He belived it was too corrupted and did not let small people trying to start a business less chances of getting loans. He ended up moving all of the money to state banks that he personally liked, which were not as secure as the National Banks. “

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