Analysis of Death of a Salesman

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“In death of a salesman, Arthur Miller While reading a book, you should feel the feelings of the characters and everything that is expressed. Many books I don’t understand but this book did a very good job at doing just that. What i’m trying to say is, this book shows a lot of emotions and also relates to today’s lifetime.

Many symbols were shown in this book for example, his car was a great symbol. From page 48-50 the car was a great symbol because it was used a lot throughout the whole book.

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The car was used for traveling, taking people places, and also was the death of a salesman(Willy). Another symbol was the trees changing colors describing that there was a seasonal change happening and that the time was changing meaning that time was going by.

This book also had many metaphors too. On page 18 it stated, “make mountains out of mole hills”, i’m pretty sure it has the same meaning as to someone saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. In act two on page 70 there was a simile that stated, “I slept like a dead man”, and this also showed a little part of sarcasm. Death of a salesman does a great job describing and showing emotions to the crowd to keep people reading the book.

Last but not least, death of a salesman related to real life a lot. The book has to do with a family wanting the “American Dream”. In the family, the dad is working and mom is a stay at home lady. They have a son who’s in highschool and one working. They are also dealing with some problems that most americans go through which is being broke. For example, Willy couldn’t buy a new car because they didn’t really have that much money to spend on a car and needed it for more serious reasonable things.

To come to an conclusion, this book consist of many dramas that goes on daily. For example arguing, money problems, etc. Reading this book has brought to other’s attention that everybody isnt perfect. It has also taught people that everything can’t go your way and that people can’t have everything the way they want it. Lastly, death of a salesman has showed people that you have to work hard for the wanted and unwanted things in life.”

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