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Mediation Essays

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Roles in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

Words: 2853 Pages: 10 1348

When undergoing mediations and negotiations mediators must have clear and concise strategies when approaching issues in and of conflictual nature. Before negotiations can begin being processed and suggestions can be presented and/or drafted, mediators must be well-informed, as well as, have experience of and in the matter(s) presented. And, they must also have contextual data […]

Topics: Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation

The Role of Cynicism in Teamwork Performance

Words: 1649 Pages: 5 3386

Cynicism can be defined as an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest (Leung et al., 2002; Stavrova & Ehlebracht, 2016; Wrightsman, 1964). It refers to doubt or disbelief in sincerity and motives of others (Guastello, S. J., Rieke, M. L., Guastello, D. D., & Billings, S. W., 1992) and, by extension, […]

Topics: Human Nature, Mediation, Social Psychology, Teamwork

Peer Pressure Among Teenagers

Words: 2371 Pages: 8 6835

Peer pressure among teenagers is witnessed in almost all circles, with effects such as sexually transmitted diseases, increased murder cases, and unintentional injury or driving under the influence of alcohol. These are harmful indicators of health associated with many teenagers around the globe (Karakos, 2014). Indeed, these adverse effects can have dire consequences on the […]

Topics: Adolescence, Behavior, Emotion, Friendship, Gender, Health, Mediation, Peer pressure, Research, Social Psychology, Violence, Youth

Mediation Model Analysis

Words: 1884 Pages: 6 3882

“Rates of murder, sexually transmitted diseases, unintentional injury or driving under alcohol are the kinds of harmful indicators of health that indicate a peek in teens (Mulye, Park, & et al. 2009). Experimental materials also typically happen during puberty, a period of evolution in that patience is less and increases the dependency risk (Glaser, Shelton, […]

Topics: Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Behavior, Friendship, Gender, Health, Mediation, Quality of life, Research, Substance Abuse

Addiction is a Conflict

Words: 2472 Pages: 8 4823

Addiction is a conflict in and of itself. Many people within our society and worldwide suffer from the affects of drug and alcohol addiction. There are many issues associated with addiction and many times it’s not only the victim that deals with the addiction, but also the people in close association with the individual. There […]

Topics: Addiction, Adolescence, Alcohol Abuse, Child, Clinical Psychology, Family, Mediation, Mental Health, Neuroscience
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