A&M Essay Example: Personal Responsibility

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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For my essay, I took a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas. The museum was full of many beautiful pieces of art and sculptures. The museum had such a wide variety that I did not know where to begin and choose my piece. After touring the museum, I came upon a piece called Quran. The artwork was located in the Islamic Exhibit section of the museum. The Quran is a type of book. It is the holy book of Islam.

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The manuscript of this holy book is written in Arabic. The artwork version was written in Naskhi and signed by Ibrahim Ibn Muhammad Al-Khabbaz. The Naskh also known as Naskhi, is a specific style of the Arabic alphabet. The root of this Arabic term nasakh-a means to copy. The original Quran is written in the language of Arabic and the artwork in the museum was written in Arabic as well.

The Keir Collection of Islamic Art is known as the largest public presentation in the history of one of the world’s most important private collections. The Quran, alongside the other beautiful pieces of art in the exhibit, is an engaging piece of art that I really felt connected with. I follow the religion of Islam. In our sacred holy book, there are teachings and morals that we Muslims have to follow and live by. These teachings are written in the Quran. With that being said, I am not as close as I would like to be with my religion. I do practice it, but there is always space to be closer with it. When I read the Quran, I feel like I am reading just to read for the sake of my religion. I am not fully understanding why things are said to be done, and the authentic details that come with that. I have always loved the concepts that come with the holy book and when I study it, I feel enlightened and close to God. Just seeing an artwork version of the holy book of Islam in the museum, made me eager to write this essay.

The Quran is a very fragile and ancient piece. It is made of paper, ink, opaque watercolor, and gold. The pages are lightly ripped and soft, giving the Quran the vintage antique look which really ties into the whole ancient exhibit theme. The opaque watercolors are lightly used which illustrate the book really well. The use of the watercolors and ink shading interprets a light dramatic effect which only makes the piece of art more appealing. The paper is so light and the pages are crisp which gives off the powerful look. The pages are crisp because the tips of some of them are burnt. The black ink is dark and bold and perfect for the beautiful writing. There are bits of red and clay-colored ink which tie in perfectly with the murky ink.

The Quran tells you everything you need to know about life. We follow the ethics and morals that are portrayed in the stories of the Quran. Without it, we Muslims have nothing. Each story in it has a real meaning and way we can adapt to it. It teaches us what is right and what is wrong. It guides us and helps us understand the meaning of life and why things happen. The verses of the Quran all highlight intellectual sayings and orders. It teaches us what is right and what is wrong, it reminds us of what is forbidden and permitted, and it also provides ways to grow as a Muslim and to flourish as a person with the best morals and manners. It is a way of life and without it many people are lost. That is one of the reasons why I love this piece of art so much. It reminds me of a beautiful part of my religion. Although I do not understand many sayings and often confuse myself with what I need to know, there is that sense of relief and joy.

Seeing this piece of art, is a much different experience then taking a picture of it and looking back at it. It uses such a pretty color scheme and adds perfect dimension. One thing I did not really like, was the fact that all the viewers could see was so minimal. The book is beautiful, and I believe anyone from any religion should have access to this beautiful book. There are numerous versions of the holy book, but the art piece version gave a more mind-changing overview. It would have been nice if the museum showed the front and back side of the Quran. Evaluating this piece was limiting because the exhibit only portrayed a middle piece rather than showing more than one side of it. The front of any holy Quran is beautiful and has alluring designs going through the whole cover. I only wish there was more of it to show to people who go to the Dallas Museum of Art. From the various ones I have seen, the one in the museum was truly one of the most divine pieces ever.

Art work in general has a really strong influence on its viewers. As simple and as small as they may seem, sometimes the simplest pieces of work can have the strongest effect on people’s minds. Artists do not realize the true inspiration they give others. They may get their inspiration from small things but the amount of inspiration they give off to people such as aspiring artists is really undervalued. The arts of any type have a strong effect on culture. Whether it is dance or a sculpture, art is an expression of creativity and imagination. I believe art should not have a limit because it’s a way to really express emotion and everyone should be allowed to express their feelings in whatever form they would like. Whether there are consequences or not, everyone should know that freedom of speech comes with art and there no necessary limits to express your own emotions. For example, DaVinci had one of his most popular art pieces about a young lady. It was called the Mona Lisa. He made the subject of this painting a random woman. At the time, it was said to be rare for a male to make a piece of art about a woman who specially was not his significant other. It was not something that happened quite often. It did not stop him from creating his work. People could have assumed the worst and made false accusations about him and the woman even though she was married. He did not let the assumptions pause his work career nor did any consequences get in the way. He did what he loved most and became successful.

Once we say something, it is hard to take it back. We are responsible for what we say and do and there are always consequences for our actions. Whether they be good or bad. That is something we should always keep in mind when we are talking to someone or expressing our feelings in our art.   

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