Airpods Vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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What is the best option for you, Airpods(2019) or Samsung Galaxy Buds? If you’re a huge Samsung fan then you definitely want the Galaxy Buds. If you like apple then you should go for the Airpods. If you’re an apple fan but have a Samsung you shouldn’t get the Airpods because when you connect Airpods to a Samsung they for some reason lose most of their sound quality. Here are some pros for the Airpods.

The new Airpods(2019) have several new features.

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The first update Apple made was a faster connection time. Right when you open the case an option on your phone pops up to connect to your phone. Apple also added an additional hour of talk time to the second generation. Instead of 2 hours of talk time, you get 3 hours. Another cool feature is the hands-free Siri. The Airpods have a battery life of 5 hours but with the wireless charging case, you get an extra 20 hours. Those are only some of the cool features of the Airpods.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were released on March 8, 2019. One of the good things about the Galaxy Buds is they are smaller and are less noticeable than the Airpods. Also, the Galaxy Buds are less expensive than the Airpods. The Galaxy Buds are $130. That isn’t very expensive for wireless headphones. The Galaxy Buds have 6 hours of battery with an additional 7 hours from the charging case. But if you have the Galaxy S10 then you can use your share charging. The Galaxy Buds come with the wireless charging case instead of coming separately. When you buy the Galaxy Buds they come with wings and tips to let you customize them to fit best in your ear. But there are also some bad things about both the Galaxy Buds and the Airpods.

The second generation Airpods weren’t as good as people expected. People are questioning how much Airpods have actually changed since they were released. Also, you have to pay extra to get the wireless charging case(without wireless charging case $160, with wireless charging case $200). Another thing is that some people might not like the way the look. Instead of really changing the design they just took the earbuds and just took the wire off. The Airpods might not make an amazing sound on older phones. Now the Galaxy Buds may not even connect well or sound good. Also, they are smaller so they could be lost or misplaced easier. Also, like the Airpods people might not like the way they look. The last thing is that the connection time isn’t as fast as the Airpods.

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