AI as a Tool for Life Improvement

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The purpose of artificial intelligence (AI) “focuses on developing hardware and software systems that solve problems and accomplish tasks” (Moursund, 2006), to better serve human beings. AI seeks to create headway towards a better future while at the same time positively impacting our daily life.  This influence is most evident with the use of smart assistant, navigation during travel, social media feeds, internet ad network, and even the healthcare industry.

Our social media feeds, notifications, and ads are all products of the algorithms of artificial intelligence.

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This algorithm is based on previous behaviors, website searches, and communication a person does while using social media that AI makes fit to adjust our needs. This is helpful because most people like to see things that applies to their life and personalities, and AI makes this happen.

In the healthcare facilities, AI is also used to better the care and solve problems for patients. For instance, AI can be used in the diagnostic medical imaging systems to help “uncover hidden insights into clinical decision-making, connect patients with resources for self-management, and extract meaning from previously inaccessible, unstructured data assets” (Bresnick, 2018). For example, when a patient gets a normal chest x-ray, cardiovascular abnormalities can be detected and used to treat patients accordingly. Further, according to the journal of internal medicine, AI also has the possibility to structure prognostic representations in order to identify and treat diseases (Espinoza, 2018). This potential, with the use of AI, can go a long way in generating helpful outcomes for patients.

Another positive impact of AI in our daily life is with the use of navigation systems. One cannot deny it used to be harder to travel easily in another country without getting lost due to not having the proper technology. Today, “navigation services use artificial intelligence to interpret hundreds of thousands of data point that they receive to give you real-time traffic data” and precise locations (Agarwal, 2018). With navigation systems backed up by AI, one can travel anywhere around the world and find where they need to go easily through the uses of google maps, the Uber app, and other travel systems.

Finally, a last example of a positive benefit of artificial intelligence is the riddance of spam in our emails. Not very different from the way social media feeds are altered to serve specific needs, AI is used in email systems, like Gmail, to evaluate and absorb information to clear spam in our folders. This, in return, guards the email user from malware.

To conclude, the incorporation and connection with artificial intelligence in day to day living creates a positive as mentioned in the examples above. The capability of AI systems to study and reason for itself is only to provide and improve human being activities.

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