Agreeing or Accepting LGBTQ

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Acceptance of a situation does not mean that you have to agree with the terms at hand. LGBTQ is a very controversial topic that is either ignored or brought to light through hate crimes and public discrimination. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, and Queer. There are laws that ban discrimination based on sex such as Title IX which also includes sexual harassment and failure to conform to gender stereotypes. There are also laws that target gays and lesbians and make it hard for them to adopt children and many other things that are put in place to try to shut down any LGBTQ movements.

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The numbers are steadily growing every year of the people who are LGBTQ but of course there are many that will not “come out of the closet” due to certain circumstances. So why do people agree or disagree with people who are LGBTQ? The main reason is due to religious reasons. People like to refer back to the bible and say that man should not date man or woman with woman but in all reality it does not say specifically anything about gays and lesbians. Then there are the people who just do not care and don’t give it two thoughts, if you want to be LGBTQ then be LGBTQ. Then there are the people who have to accept it no matter what and don’t have a choice. These are the people who have kids or family members that are LGBTQ or think they are and go through a phase, they really don’t have a choice. This is where accepting something does not mean you have to agree with it. Many celebrities publicly have talked about LGBTQ and how they believe they can be who they want to be such as Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga and many more. You also have the people that speak out against it which are mainly the very religious people who believe anything that they think goes against what the bible says is very wrong.

The record of how many people support same-sex marriage is 60%, the amount who oppose it is 33% , and the rest say “I don’t know” or are indecisive. As you can imagine people who admit to being LGBTQ suffer from many mental issues. They actually suffer more from mental illness and substance abuse than any other group out there. People who are LGBTQ usually don’t want to come out due to discrimination. From the ages 18 and up, 4.3% of people end up being lesbian, gay or bi. Of that 4.3%, 15.1% admitted to substance abuse disorder. At least half of the people who identify as transgender suffer from anxiety and depression. There are a total of 500,000 LGBTQ who attempt suicide every year and 25% of LGBTQ youth make up the homeless people in our country. Same-sex marriages is increasing every day in the U.S alone and there are approximately 71,165 gay or lesbian couples in the year of 2018. Massachusetts has the highest amount of people who are in a gay or lesbian marriage which has a total of 22, 406 people.

In many states it’s legal to marry someone from the same-sex but it is not illegal to be discriminated against. For example, if someone wants to get married to someone of the same gender they can but if they get fired for it, it doesn’t make it illegal. Gay rights activist have been trying to change the anti-discrimination laws to include LGBTQ. People might think that Parents that are gay or lesbian will raise kids that do drugs and drink alcohol and not do good in school but if anything it is the exact opposite. It has been proven that kids actually perform better in school if their parents are of the same sex. These kids are actually 6.7% more likely to graduate rather then kids who are from the opposite sex. Research shows that children with parents that are the same-sex are often wealthier and have more education. Economist think the fact that same-sex parents spend lots of money to be able to have a child is the reason why their children perform better in school. Everybody knows about the Orlando, Florida shooting that happened on June 12, 2016 at a gay club named Pulse. This ended up being one of the worst massacres in U.S history that happened to be at an LGBTQ club.

The shooter that was targeting the LGBTQ people ended up killing 49 people and when the autopsies came back almost everyone was shot multiple times. The father of the shooter had claimed that his son had resented same-sex couples his whole life. This attack was just one of many that happen against people who are LGBTQ. They make up about 16% of hate crimes in the U.S alone. Have you ever sat and thought about which group adopts the most children, same-sex couples or opposite sex? Well the answer would be opposite sex but same-sex couples do make up a big majority of the kids that get adopted. In the foster care system there is approximately 14,000 kids who live with gay or lesbian couples. This makes up about 4% of foster kids overall. Research shows that a minimum of 65,000 kids have been adopted by same-sex couples and out of 3.1 million lesbian and gay couples, 52,000 have adopted children. In my opinion, I believe that no matter what race, gender, age, size and anything that makes someone a person, should be the one to decide how they wish to live without being discriminated against or judged for who they want to be. They shouldn’t be looked down on for adopting kids if they are gay and lesbian because in a kids mind all they want is to be loved and feel secure, so who cares if they are gay or lesbian? They should not be afraid to go out to a club to enjoy some drinks and dancing with their significant other because someone massacred 49 people because they love someone that is the same-sex. There are so many things that tear our country apart that could be so easy to just look past and keep walking but people choose to dwell on things that should not even be a problem. In conclusion, LGBTQ people have so much going on in their lifes.

From hate crimes that cause violence to judgment that causes discrimination. Mental disorders like anxiety and depression to adopting kids isn’t right because you are gay or lesbian. No one has it easy and everyday LGBTQ people push to fit in and just be accepted and get pushed away over and over again and diminish the little confidence they have left. At the end of the day, agreeing or accepting something might be hard, but accepting something does not mean you have to agree with it. This world has bigger problems to worry about than boys who kiss boys and girls who kiss girls.

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