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Tips On How To Improve Creative Writing Skills

Creative writing requires great imagination and skill. The creative writing style can be highly effective when used correctly – this type of essay can evoke emotions, paint a picture, and even create whole fantasy worlds! If you can master the art of writing an exceptional creative essay, you can improve your college work indefinitely – this is another type of essay that you can add to your resume. It can also help you score fantastic marks in coursework assignments and exams.

If you want to improve creative writing, then look no further. We understand how this form of paper should be constructed. We also understand the various literary techniques that should be used. To that end, we will help your college education and divulge 5 awesome writing tips and tricks that will help take your creative essays to the next level – enjoy!

5 Steps To Make Your Creative Writing Skills Better

So how to improve creative writing skills? There is a wealth of tips and tricks you can use – we have condensed it down into five separate pointers. We’ve also provided other tips on topics such as how to write narrative essay so don’t forget to check those out too. Hopefully, you will find these tips useful and use them to improve creative writing throughout your schoolwork: 

1. Make use of the “three act” essay structure

A traditional creative writing structure is to use the three-act narrative. This is one of the most basic creative writing skills and techniques, but it is highly effective. The three-act structure is as follows:

- Act 1: Setup

- Act 2: Confrontation

- Act 3: Resolution

The first act builds up the scene, location, characters, and story. We are then introduced to the main conflict during the second act – this is where the meat of the story happens. Finally, in act 3, the confrontation is resolved, and the story is brought to a close. This is a technique writers use in a paper writing service. By using this structure, you give your writing a logical flow. 

2. Describe locations and setting in great detail

Creative writing often involves specific locations and settings. To really bring the reader into those locations, you must describe them in great detail. Your creative essay will fall short if you simply write “Our hero walked up to a castle and banged on the door for an entry”.

You would instead write something such as, “Our gallant hero walked up to the immense castle. Its walls were made of black stone and topped with hundreds of crenulations. A gigantic fortification tower sat at each corner and archers aimed their arrows down at the approaching threat”. This allows the reader to imagine what the castle looks like – it also helps build the suspense and sense of danger.

3. Use dialogue that expresses the emotions of your characters

Part of the creative writing style is to include dialogue. Without dialogue, characters can appear dull and lifeless. Adding dialogue can turn a boring character into a real person with feelings and depth. Many online writing courses will show just how important dialogue is. It can also be used to show emotions and also set the tone of a certain scene.

For example, let’s go back to the castle scene. You may simply write, “and banged on the door for an entry”. To build on this and develop the hero, you could add, “He spoke in a deep, but commanding voice, “I have come with great haste to reclaim the throne that is rightfully mine; allow me entry or face my eternal wrath”. This gives us insight into the hero’s actions, it also shows us that he is confident and powerful.

4. Make use of extended metaphors

Metaphors are fantastic literary devices. Extended metaphors take this one step further – an extended metaphor could be used throughout a whole essay chapter for example. They can be used to continue a certain theme within a paper. Additionally, they can be used to conjure up certain visions and emotions with your readers. A metaphor may be continued using various different tenors, vehicles, and grounds throughout your creative essay – it is a powerful English literary device and can be used to develop good writing skills.

5. Use conflict to your advantage to build excitement

A creative writing essay without conflict would be boring and stale. Conflict helps build reader tension. It also builds excitement and urges the reader to continue with your story. The conflict could come in any number of ways. For example, the main protagonist could encounter difficulties on their journey.

Alternatively, you could create a looming threat that is ever present in the background. Moreover, you could simply have several of the characters arguing against each other and causing a rift. In the case of our hero, you could continue the above passage and have the archers bombard him with arrows and wound him. This would create conflict and give the readers a shock factor. You could then make a twist and have the hero rescued by a heroine, or have his immense army storm the castle to save him – conflict and tension add depth!

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Creative writing requires a great imagination and skill. You must be able to think outside the box and use your mind creatively. We look at how to improve creative writing skills so that you can produce amazing quality essays.

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We hope you have found this article useful. As you can see these tips on how to improve creative writing skills should really benefit you. The next time you are tasked with this form of paper, just remember the 5 tips we have given and try to put them into practice. Don’t forget to use your imagination – any subject you can think of could be suitable!

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