Should abortion be restricted? Essay Sample: Pro And Contra Arguments

Essay sample on abortion topic. Could increasing the number of abortions decrease the number of children placed in the foster system?

Thesis statement 

Increase in the number of abortion does not decrease the number of children placed in the foster system


Gatti (2017) defines a foster system as a temporal arrangement where children whose biological parents are unable to care for them are provided care by other adults. Children are taken to a foster system because their birth parents and the wider families could not be able to provide care to them. A foster care system can be either informal or formal where arrangements are made through a social service agency or a court of law. The goal of having a foster care system is to temporarily unify the child with the biological family though may be converted to an adoption when it is seen to be for the best interest of the child.

Abortion, on the other hand, is described as a pregnancy termination by removing the embryo or the fetus in the uterus before it can survive. The term abortion is used often to refer to a purposed act. If an abortion occurs spontaneously without the women’s intention, then it is called a miscarriage. Not all countries in the world have legalized abortion and in majority of the countries that have legalized it allow it to happen only if it is posing a life threat to the women carrying the fetus. When abortion is legalized and performed safely in a good healthcare facility, it does not increase long-term physical and mental problems. The World health Organization as reported 5 million hospital admission and a total of 47,000 death rates each year. These devastating numbers have been caused by illegal abortions carried out traditionally by unskilled individuals using hazardous equipment in unsanitary places.

There has been a rapid growth in number of children in the foster system. This has seen children in the foster systems experience more problems such as aging out of the system without having the proper support. Statistics reveal that one out of five youths become homeless after aging out of the system. This statistics also point out that, within two years after the youths’ age out of the foster system, one out of four ends up getting involved in criminal injustices (Cody et al 2017). The foster parents also do not receive adequate support for proper adoption of the foster children. They lack adequate training on how to address issue affecting foster children life. This has made them reluctant in adopting more children from the foster systems because it became harder for them to take care of children who have gone through trauma during their early age.

Reunification of the foster children with their biological parents is an option that is overlooked. Many are times when we talk about aging out or adoption as the only two options to look in foster care. The foster system on its part is filled with too many players, rules and regulations that make the foster children constantly under surveillance. The advocates, courts, social workers and guardians are some of the many players in the field of foster system. Furthermore, for a child to get the best person to talk about something with has to go through the 12 layers of people. It is due to the above problems that some people propose the opinion that abortion decreases the number of children in the foster system. This is because the children who are born without the intentions of the parents are often taken to foster systems but if their parents could opt to abort, this number could not escalate (Cody et al 2017). 

People who opt for abortion rather than a foster system argue that their children would suffer separation and loss at a very young age even when adopted immediately after birth. They don’t want to watch their children go through abuse and negligent. They see abortion as the way as it allows them to leave free life without thinking of the weird experiences their children might be going through while in the foster system (Kutevan 2017).

The problems associated with abortion are severe than the problems that children face at a foster system. Abortion is viewed to be wrong by many religions and cultures in the world. They see it as a sin committed to God. Christians, for example, see it as grave offense committed against Gods and his wonderful creation. They base their arguments on the bible’s which makes it clear and unequivocal that abortion is murder. This is because the life of a living human being starts to exist immediately after conception. From the moment of conception till death, the unborn child has an unchanging, representable and distinct genetic code. Unborn human beings though attached in the womb of their mothers, their lives are unique and separate from the moment of conception and aborting unborn child is taking away innocent lives (Seymore 2017). On the other hand, taking a child to a foster system is an assurance of better health. Though you will be physically detached from the child, you have not committed murder.

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Women are also affected during an abortion process. They may be affected either emotionally, mentally, physically and relational. In severe occurrences; the women’s life is lost in the abortion process or after the abortion. An increase in miscarriage or loss of fertility may occur after an abortion (Woliver 2017). Furthermore, when a family member dies as a result of abortion, a gap is created. Parents and their siblings are affected psychologically when a living irreplaceable child his killed. Many women who abort while in their marriage have difficulties maintaining their relationships if they are not divorced shortly after the abortion (Seymore 2017). On the other hand, giving birth and allowing your child to be taken to foster system saves all these tragedies. The family relations remain intact and cases of miscarriages are minimized. Though the women may also be affected mentally, physically, psychologically and relational, the effect is not as intense as for an abortion.

Abortion has not led to the high rate of children numbers in the foster system; rather the high numbers of couples who are in need of a baby and are not ready to bear are becoming foster parents to the foster children thus reducing their number sharply. It is with the above information that I think the increase in the number of abortion does not decrease the number of children placed in the foster system. Abortion as its own problems and increasing its rate so that we can reduce the number of children placed in the foster system would worsen the situation. This is because abortion has devastating effects than the problems associated with the foster system (Woliver 2010).


Though abortion could be the last option for securing the life of a woman in a tragedy, its problems are more than the benefits. Abortion should remain to be a criminal offense and Laws formulated to prohibit abortion. It should only be legalized in occasions where the life of the women is in danger. On the other hand, the foster system is overwhelmed with many problems and instead of thinking about how abortion could be used to decrease the number of children in the foster, people should think about how to fix the foster system and make the required changes and how to run it properly. Children should be stabilized in one family that is able to know what all the children are going through. With doing this, the children rights will be understood and addressed properly.  Second, mentorship services should be (Marecek, Cartion and Lesley 2017).

In the past decades, the foster system has undergone significant changes but the public’s system impression is still not formed well and is often based on stereotypes that are outdated. Furthermore, there is a continuous occurrence of abuse in the present foster system that needs to be curbed. Better reforms should be formulated to foster respect for the rights of women, improve children outcomes and increase reliability for the foster systems. If all this is practiced and policymakers consider fully the interests of all the parties in a foster system then abortion will never be considered as an alternative for reducing the number of children in the foster system.

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