World Full of Teenagers, who don’t have Access to Birth Control is Appalling

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Living in a world full of teenagers, and even older women, who don’t have access to birth control is appalling. Especially when their insurance doesn’t cover it. Making birth control available over the counter, and still covered by insurance gives more women the power to make their own choices and provides tons of benefits.

If women were able to get birth control pills over the counter it would lead to way less teenage pregnancies. “Making birth-control pills available over the counter would greatly increase convenience and access for many women, ultimately leading to fewer unintended pregnancies,” ( Manning, Hadley Heath). Most women don’t have access to a doctor, or insurance and cannot afford to buy birth control pills. There is no reason that women should have to get a prescription to be able to have these pills. Also, not having birth control pills available over the counter can cause many problems for teenagers.

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Many teens do not have birth control due to the fact that they are too scared to ask their parents. Most teenage pregnancies happen because they don’t have enough protection, or access to birth control. By making birth control pills available over the counter can give teens access to more protection. “Increased access helps teens act more responsibly, not recklessly,¨ (Making birth control pills available OTC could benefit teens most). Giving teens easier access to birth control will help them act responsibly and safe. Most teens cannot afford to take care of a child, or even be physically okay enough to hold one. Birth control pills help to prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Especially if they’re available over the counter.

Having birth control pills accessible over the counter, can also bring up some good health benefits. “The reality is that birth-control pills are very safe,” (Manning, Hadley Heath). Birth control pills are a way healthier and safer alternative to many other birth control options. For example, the morning after pill, also known as Plan B, isn’t as safe as many people think. Taking the morning after pill can lead to many complications. It can cause some women to have miscarriages in the future, and even can make you become infertile. Teens should be able to get birth control pills over the counter, and choose to be safe.

Affordable and reasonable. Both things that could describe birth control pills if they were sold over the counter. “On the other hand, if all women bought birth control directly from a pharmacy, over the counter , we would expect to see prices decrease,” The cost on birth control pills may become lesser if they were sold from a pharmacy. Especially if they were still covered by their insurance. When most pills begin to be sold over the counter, their prices drop. For example, when claritin began to sell over the counter, its price dropped fifty percent.

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Some people may think that if birth control pills were available over the counter that it would decrease womens privacy. While this may be true, most teens and women won’t mind a little less privacy when its more efficient and accessible. ¨Knowing that they don’t actually have to come in for invasive tests every year could encourage a lot of women who are currently hesitant to come in,¨ (Amanda Marcotte). Although there are some cons to having birth control over the counter, the benefits outweigh them. Women should have the option to buy birth control pills from pharmacies. It gives them the power to care for themselves, and make responsible decisions.

Overall there are many pros to birth control pills being accessible over the counter. Unintended pregnancies are undesirable, and inconvenient. We can help decrease the amount of them, and help lead to better lives for many women and teens. Birth control pills are the safer way of protecting against unwanted pregnancies, and making them available over the counter will give women the chance of being safe and responsible.”

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