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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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The developing world has encountered various forms of gender inequality or segregation. In education, when discrimination is mentioned, most people happen to think about African or Middle Eastern. The question commonly asked is how often women can be involved in this issue of segregation in education? Recently, women have gone through tremendous struggles for them to be granted the same rights for education like those given to men. Gender segregation can be defined as the concentration of one gender in a specific field of education or occupations.

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It can also be described as the habit where a group of people especially men are favored more than women when it comes to trade, grades, responsibility or position (Wiseman 195). Back in the old days, the roles for women were well defined. This is the time when men and society at large expected women are getting married and having children, and they were always the best homemakers of all time.

Today, more girls are in school as compared to the old days where they were to work at home and raise their children while the boys were out there learning more. Up to date, women are still facing various challenges where they are denied their education rights. Also, they are facing problems because of their disability, poverty and their age. Men are more privileged than women when it comes to the education level passed on them. Such restrictions include gender stereotypes, child marriage at an early stage and unwanted pregnancies, gender-based violence against women and girls and many other barriers (Mulvey, Kelly Lynn et al 690). These are among the problems that are facing women and girls today. They are subjected to various issues in that they are unable to access education.

Gender-based violence is the kind of violence that is directed to an individual because of their gender. It is a concept that involves both men and women and in such a case, the females are always the main target. For instance, gender-based violence is an issue that has been addressed all over the country, and several cases have been reported. It has become the most extreme expression of unequal gender relations all over society and the common and the widest spread violation of human rights. The issue commonly affects women and girls at large. The abuse has been taking place all over America where it affects people at work, at their homes and even in schools. Women and girls are affected in various ways as a student and as an employee. The drivers of gender-based violence are complex. The primary cause of GBV is power imbalances between men and women and discrimination. Discrimination and gender segregation are being caused by the rapid increase in child marriage.

Child marriage is taking place in most of the societies for people have the belief that girls and women are inferior to men. Most people have the notion that women are to remain in the houses where they are to act like mothers and caregivers. Poverty and child labor are becoming significant issues as to why girls are forced to be out of school. The pressure that girls have when it comes to them get married and being forced to be out of school after marriage is becoming the primary cause of discrimination against girls in the education system. This essay is to focus on gender segregation, whereby it is to analyze how women are being segregated in education and the issue on boys and girls being taught in different classes or sections in school. The problems associated with gender segregation in schools is the fact that it may lead to more harm than good (Fabes, Richard et al. 444). Also, inequality in education is more likely to create an absolute ignorance about the opposite sex. This is where the children feel fascinated about each other, and eventually, the segregation allows stereotypes among the students.

According to Parkes and Jenny, all children have the right to education regardless of their gender. According to most of the traditions, there is that particular age that a person should get married or should marry. It is right to follow the traditions but in a real sense, denying a child the right to education is the same as denying them their basic needs. This is because the child has been denied a right that is enjoyed by other children hence making them not to be equal in the society. A child who has no level of education is always disagreed or disgraced in the society for they have a different class from those who have passed various levels and they qualify for a certain profession. Currently, growth in technology has caused a lot of impacts where education is the key to success (Parkes, Jenny 100). For one to access various places and for one to meet with certain people, they must make sure they are experienced, and they have enough education that will serve as a guarantee to meet the person or to be in this particular place.

During the old days, whenever a girl was engaged or was forced into early marriages, the probability of dropping out of school is high. This gave a chance for the male children who always would be educated no matter the difficulties faced by the family. The male child was the priority for the family. They had a belief that education for a male child was more important than that of a woman. According to own experience, I can conclude that training for both boys and girls should be equal for they all stand a chance for a particular job or career. It is legal to conduct marriage after the age of 18, but even at this age, the victim will always get affected in their education since they will not be able to access the higher education which still a dream for every human. For example, my mom married at the age of 18, and one of her dreams was to finish college and get a job, but she couldn’t because she had to take care of my older brother. Since then it was hard for her to get a college degree.

To prevent such cases that hinder women and girls from having their right to education, various strategies can be employed. The target mainly focuses on the classrooms, the environment and the teachers that are involved. A solution for gender-based violence in schools includes: using a strategy by the name whole-school approach. This is purposely meant for the sustainable results that are needed at the end of the day. This is an approach that focuses on both girls and boys. The most effective ways of carrying this particular exercise are by training the teachers on the best methods that they can use for both boys and girls in the classroom. This is effective for the teachers will be used in bringing the two genders together and showing them that they have equal rights. For instance, the teacher can take the initiative of inviting or including the children of both sexes in the mathematics class that was only specialized for the boys. This brings both sexes together, and a girl always has that sense of belonging. Also, the teachers can promote the development and implementation of school policies as well as the action plan that can be used in eradicating the issue of violence such as GBV.

Another problem that can be addressed by the teachers is introducing another curriculum that will integrate sex in both primary and secondary education (Parkes, Jenny et al). The teachers can as well present a safe environment to and from the school where it is a safe and free-violence environment for women and girls. Creation of a gender-free counseling system can also be used in eradicating gender-based violence among women and girls. This is what gives adequate support to the victims that have once in their lifetime undergone gender-based violence. I would urge the audience to ensure that for them to eradicate gender-based violence, they should make sure that all education context which includes textbooks, classroom practices are gender sensitive and that they will lead to the promotion of peace and gender-equitable norms and attitudes.

Various solutions for eradicating early child marriages have been discovered for the past few years. When a girl child has been married, the possible effect that follows is her lack of education. She is more likely to drop out of school when she is preparing to get married or immediately after marriage. Most of the girls are not in education because their parents do not see their value for education and again, it may be inaccessible and costly. Most parents especially those who existed in the old days believe that early marriage is the best option for their daughters and it was referred to as the most effective way of being wealthy. The girls with no education are three times more likely to be married compared to those who have attended higher education. Knowledge is the most effective way of helping in ending the practice of forced marriages. Training is beneficial when it comes to preventing child marriages as compared to banning child marriages. Even when banned, there are situations where a parent is forced to marry the daughter through the most illegal way (Dahl 700). Early marriages for the children has been taking place, and I believe that this is the time for the governments to make the necessary measures. The governments can reform the education sector where education can be among the basic needs of a child. An urgent implementation, action, and adoption are being needed urgently in the evaluation of educational policies. What is required for eradication of children early marriages is a good curriculum, quality education for both sex which is male and female, and teacher training is also necessary. Also, it is best for the governments to ensure that schools are built in that they will be able to provide the best services to the girls and women in society. Education for the parents is useful because this is what will be used to broaden them and convince them for the need of child education.

In the current generation, introducing a curriculum that focuses more on reading, writing and math can be useful. The life of the girls and women can be changed easily by the introduction of life skills in their studies where they will be able to learn about reproduction and contraception methods that are required for one to start a family. When a child has introduced too early marriages, there is the likelihood of first pregnancies. With education, a child is more in a position to learn and use various contraception methods that will lead to a small family compared to a child that has no education and has less information when it comes to contraceptive. A woman who has training has more knowledge of how to govern her family well. Keeping the girls always in school is the best way of ending child marriage. For instance, if a girl spends an entire year of secondary education, they are more likely to reduce being married off before the age of 18. School for the young girls is very important, and it can quickly reduce the rate at which the children are being married at a tender age.

The whole-school approach has effectively worked in reducing gender-based violence in schools. This is an approach that is taken by the teachers, the students, support staff of the school, the stakeholders and principals who are to work together in undertaking different activities that are meant to make schools feel safer, children becoming more friendly and fostering a positive learning environment for the students and the educators. Coming up with respectful and mutual relationships across the schools and community levels is very important since it helps in creating a long-lasting change and improving the safety of schools (Lewallen, Theresa et al. 735). I firmly believe that the whole school approach is the best method that can be used in reducing gender-based violence in schools. This is because it is an approach that is to be covered by the entire school where they can learn on the positive and negative impacts of gender-based violence. With such a plan, the student will be able to determine the consequences that are followed when there is GBV. A time when the teachers are trained on the use of gender-responsive pedagogics, the impact will always be positive for they clearly show the students the benefits of eradicating GBV.

On the other hand, education has served as the best weapon for reducing early marriages and early pregnancies for young girls. Through school, the parents now have adequate knowledge that is required for them to learn the importance of education for the girls. They now want more training for the young girls for they firmly believe that the children will later become the future leaders of the nation. Sex education in schools has also enabled various girls to learn the most effective ways in which they can prevent early marriage and unexpected pregnancies. They have discovered the use of contraceptives that are to reduce the rate of giving birth. The prevention of first pregnancies and marriages lies in the hands of the community. How boys and girls interact in the city will determine the rate at which children get pregnant. Every person has a way in which they can prevent girls from getting married and getting pregnant at a tender age.

In many societies, they believe that marriage is a form of unifying two people in a way that they will start a future together. Back in the old days, individuals were allowed to get married when they were underage. According to Dahl, a woman will always choose to accept a marriage offer as a teen basing on the relative attractiveness of her alternatives. The woman is the one responsible for the future consequences that are to follow after she makes her own decision. She is not always sure of how things will turn out and she is so determined to have the best from this marriage (691). The woman will always be optimistic that things will be better someday, but society is always concerned about the effects of poverty (Parkes, Jenny).

In conclusion, gender inequality has been exercised for a long time over the past centuries. Women are found to be the most affected people when it comes to gender segregation. Women are found to be the most populated group of people in areas that require fewer qualifications. Again, a woman or a girl is subjected to poverty, lack of education and they can quickly get married off, get early pregnancies for the benefit of the entire family. Back in the days, the parents believed that a girl child should not be educated for they are to serve other purposes in the community hence they do not have to be trained for them to be important. They were always regarded as caregivers, they would take care of their husbands, and they were considered as a source of wealth. Education is the key to success, and I believe that each girl and a woman are entitled to this basic need for them to change their future life. A girl married off at a tender age is likely to get divorced early compared to a girl who is married off after achieving her higher education certificate. Education has paved various opportunities for girls who have gone through multiple levels in school. They are guaranteed various job opportunities in society, and they earn respect from different people.

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