Why we Still Need Feminism

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Many people think that with how far we gotten in certain aspects that we no longer need feminism but not all women are blessed with these opportunities, many people forget about women in other countries that aren’t as progressive like the United states and Canada. There are still societal issues within the modern age. Many people who feel like feminism is no longer needed forgot about women in other countries, those are the women who need it the most because they can’t speak for themselves; they need people who can speak for them.

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Female Genital Mutilation is the action of cutting off and restitching female genitals to prevent pleasurable sex and can happen to girls younger than 4 years old are subjected to this as well and is still practiced in 29 countries. People that who say feminism is no longer didn’t even know this practice existed. Over 100 countries don’t have laws against marital rape, people believe that because women can’t get raped by their partner because their married to them. Many don’t speak on this topic, no means no if the women doesn’t want it then it’s rape. Child (brides) marriage is still happening and considered acceptable in a lot of societies. This should be widely condemned and a greater awareness of this issue should be something that feminism shines a bright light on.

In the more progressive countries there are still issues. In the United States women are approximately 51% of the population. However, they make up less than 20% of the seats in congress. Due to the lack of representation in Congress, middle age and older white men make decisions on women’s health care. These congressmen often don’t have women best interest in mind. Their decisions on women’s health care tend to be really upsetting to most women. It’s really upsetting because women are made to feel they have no say on their reproductive rights. For a number of years congress has been trying to get rid of Planned Parenthood because they do abortions by trying to defund or eliminate the money Planned Parenthood receives. The last time I checked everyone has the right to their on body and reproductive system plus that’s not the only thing Planned Parenthood does, they provide contraceptives for save sex, cancer screenings & family planning. They provide multiple types of testing including pregnancy test, treatments for STIs and perform mammograms. In a lot of instances, Planned Parenthood is the only type of medical treatment these women will receive as they do not have health insurance or cannot afford to go their own doctor.

However, United States will be sending over 100 women to congress next year. Maybe with women taking a more active role in entering into politics will lead to women being more involved in having a say to what happens to their bodies. Most women who get assaulted feel guilty like it’s their fault. Women are taught to prevent rape but why can’t we teach men to see women more than objects. According to Rainn the “nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.” statics 1 and 6 American women have been a victim of attempted or completed rape. Every 1,000 rapes; 994 perpetrators will walk free. So 1,000 minus 994 equals six, only six perpetrators if lucky will be convicted. Most victims won’t even say anything because their ashamed in their self. A study done by the United Nations which conducted that 50 percent of women in European countries have experience being in a non consensual situation in the workplace. The same study was conducted on the states and 83 percent of girls in the America ages as young as 12 experience being in sexually harass in school. Even though men and women are doing the same things gender roles and gender stereotypes are still strong. People think that with equal job opportunities the pay is equal as well, there is still a 23% wage gap. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was nominate to be a presidential candidate for the democratic party in the United States. It was said she broke a glass ceiling in being the first woman to ever do this, however, some stereotypes and prejudices may have played a role in her not being elected.

Although she was well education and was more experienced than Donald Trump she will lost the election. Even though she did not win she broke barriers for women. Women that may come after her and in the near future may see our first woman president. From the time we are born are genders determine what we can and can’t do. We have taught our children that they can’t play with certain toys because there are meant for the other gender or teach children that they can’t wear certain clothes because there meant for the other gender. Clothes and toys don’t have a gender. If a boy wants to wear a dress let him wear that dress or if a little girl wants to play with a action figure let her be and let her play with the action figure. Gender roles should not define or limit us to who and what we can be. Once we take control of our life and no longer allow others to define us will be the time when feminism will no longer needed. Until all the issues that women and girls face in school, society and work are eliminated, feminism will continue to be needed to bring attention to inequality wherever it is.

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