Feminism in this Day

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Feminism in this day and age is almost pasted onto every person; it appears everywhere. Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. A key part of this definition is; equality of the sexes. Sexes include male, female, pansexual, bisexual, etc. The school of thought which I identify with most is feminism theory; as it is ubiquitous in this day and age and it makes fair and equal points which have helped the world in many ways.

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The first ‘wave’ of feminism began around the late 19th century-early 20th century, focusing primarily on giving the women the right to vote. During the second wave- 1960s-1980s the feminist movement broadened to cultural inequalities, gender norms and specific roles of women in society. Then was the third wave- 1990s-200s, feminist activity, a continuous wave to the second one; to focus primarily on its failures. One of the most important people who started and successfully reached the goal of getting the rights for votes of women was a dutch woman named Wilhelmina Drucker. In all feminism has positively affected society an abundance. Feminism has accomplished a lot of things; marriage equality, brought women out to report their sexual harassments, gave women higher jobs, equal salaries, a specific example would be: FBI changed their of rape definition to include men in 2012, and lots more. It has changed the society so much by giving different people of race or sex to be equal. Growing up to me, there was a lot feminism, surrounding the topic that ‘women could accomplish anything men could do’. So I grew up with this thought, and later on in life I learned a lot more about feminism.

Feminism theory should be appearing in every state, and the way that the world works should partly revolve around this theory. The world should partly revolve around this because it keeps the world ‘balanced’. It keeps the world in a fair, equal community theory bubble. When the world takes the time to prioritize feminism, it creates a space where everyone can be fair and happy, and ones who aren’t can learn to adapt to this different culture. Feminism will help the world come together, more into order; and wheres theres no ‘dominant’ social hierarchy of sexes which conclude to conflicts. Conjointly, the world will have less conflicts, if everything was to be equal instead of discrimination, sexism, etc. Nowadays, parent roles are not binary, things aren’t just black and white like in the 1950s, feminism helped accomplish that. A 2014 survey of women in the US found that 65% had experienced some kind of street harassment, 23% had been sexually touched, and 20% had been followed. Male suicide has decreased by 24% in the last 15 years. There are a number of theories on why this is happening, one of the big ones; are feminism, which helped welcome the LGBTQ+ community into the world, and express themselves. Feminism, helps every gender, especially females who have been harassed, to step out and call someone out for it; in a result of decreasing things like this to happen again. In conclusion, feminism helps all sexes stay equal, help women be confident enough to report a rape case, helps women have equal rights, helps people accept others decisions of what they want to be, and much more.

People may ask; but why should the world revolve around feminism theory? What world conflicts have been involved the because there was no feminism? First, rapes. There have and are so many rape cases, many of which have not been spoken about. Feminism gave the power to all women across the world to speak about their rape cases or prevent rape by simply standing up for themselves and saying “no” in many ways. Another world conflict was the acceptance of being gay, bisexual, and so on. Many religions and states still find this illegal (for example Kenya), but feminism has helped many teenagers or adults go through hard times of trying to accept themselves, find themselves and speak about it without being ashamed of themselves. Feminism has also helped word conflicts surrounding women’s rights and roles. From women being able to vote, to women being able to have the same salary and job as a man, and much more.

In conclusion, I think the world should partly revolve around the feminist theory because it helps keep the world an equal, calm, safe and accepting place. If we can’t accept someone for who they are, or discriminate people, how will we ever solve other world conflicts? When will the respect for women fully stick, without having construction workers whistle or make body comments while a woman passes by? This world needs to be a safe place where everybody can feel comfortable before we can move onto solving other things.  

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