Why Everyone should Go to a Community College?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Should younger people be encouraged to attend a community college instead of a four-year college? My parents aren’t rich and won’t be rich unless they magically win the lottery because that’s not going to happen. They can’t afford for me to attend a four-year university. Because of this I attended Jackson State Community College to help me and my family out money wise. The only thing we have paid for are my books for this semester. After my two years free from JSCC I will attend a university and only have debt for two years at a university instead of four years.

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I had to attend Jackson State because of our financial situation but some student’s parents are better financially than others. Should we encourage younger people to attend a community college but what if their parents can afford it? If my parents could afford me to attend a University and live in a dorm I would probably be at University of Memphis right now instead of JSCC. Community college can help students specialize in a field and enter the workforce after finishing a degree in just two years. There should be younger students attending community’s college because of the many advantages it can bring to someone who attends.

“Attending a community college will provide an associate’s degree which is achieved by taking perquisite type courses, such as, mathematics, English, and science” (Why should you go). Community Colleges has the same basic courses that a university has for a freshman and sophomore. Money can be saved on these types of courses because they are required for every college student. That thousands of dollars someone saves can be put towards further education beyond an associate’s degree. Community colleges provide similar if not the same opportunities to college students without causing debt. Community colleges give students the option to think if college is right for them without causing debt that they will regret in the future. The cost to attending a university goes up more and more every year and most universities charge thousands of dollars for one semester. Several students are finding that they can save a large number of dollars by enlisting in a community college for the first two years before transferring to a university. Community college tuition and fees are much lower than those at universities, and enrolling in a community college enables someone to accomplish the same level of academic success at a small amount of the cost.

“At the 1,109 ranked colleges responding to an annual survey by U.S. News, room and board ran an average $9,999 in 2014-2015” (Snider). College students who live at home can save a large amount of money. Most Community College don’t have dorms, so we live at home and attend college. The main reason for living at home is money. Dorms are expensive, and I am pretty sure they aren’t getting any cheaper. Just by me staying at home and not living at an apartment I have saved tons of money. All I have paid for is my gas and sometimes lunch after school. One of the advantages I have from living at home still is that I have home cooked meals almost every night and the groceries are already in the cabinets. All the toiletries and laundry needs are always provided. Also if anyone is like me and lives at home, we have no bills. But not getting the dorm and away from home experience has its flaws. We still live under our mom and dad’s rules and doing chores when they say. I would still rather save lots of money than spend money I don’t have.

One benefit of a community college is they have smaller class sizes. “At some large universities, classrooms can hold 300 students or more, which can be overwhelming for many students” (Sellers). With smaller class sizes there are many opportunities to ask more questions, get to know the professor, and getting more one-on-one time with the professor as well. Like JSCC we are hardly in classes with more than 50 students. Having a smaller class can provide a climate in which anybody can ask questions and talk to their professor and classmates. Another benefit to having a smaller class is students can connect with their classmates better. Talking to their classmates before class and after discussing assignments and forming study groups. “These connections not only make courses more enjoyable, but they can also lighten workloads if students strategically plan to divide and conquer some course tasks, like outlining textbook chapters or working on group projects” (Sellers). I have talked to almost everyone in all my classes this semester knowing everyone’s names. If it wasn’t for my small class I wouldn’t got the chance to meet everyone and get to know them like I do now. I have almost some sort of information from all my classmates. If I wasn’t in class or didn’t hear the professor say something I know I can ask them and get the information quick. “Connecting with other students can also lead to friendship, which can be a rich part of the college experience” (Sellers).

I am happy with my choice to attending JSCC I have no regrets. When I was in high school if I had the choice to attend a university I probably wouldn’t be here at JSCC because my parents could afford it. It shouldn’t be should younger people attend a community college instead of a four year college. It should be more like should younger people attend a community college who aren’t finically able to. I know many of my high school friends who are in universities because their parents can afford it. For the less fortunate a community college has many advantages to attending with smaller class sizes, more one on one time with professor, staying at home with no bills, and having no debt. Come to a community college were students won’t have student debt like others who are attending a university.

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