Why College is Worth It?

We are told to “”go to college”” by family, media, and teachers, but we are never given and explanation on why it is important for us to gain a higher education. The importance of a higher education is because it gives you and your peers an advantage. College is a beneficial experience and sets up a great path towards a healthy future. While you are creating your future, college helps you help your peers along the way.

Yet on the other side of things there are others who contend that College is not for everyone. One of their reasons is that “” Millions of Americans who went to college seeking a better future now face crushing debt from student loans—while the industry makes a handsome profit”” (Student Loan Debt Crisis). In the end most students are stuck with a large debt, while they end up getting a job that a college degree is not even needed.

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On the other hand, yes there can be some flaws with the loans and debt but in the long run college is a great path to many opportunities. One of the many ways college is beneficial, is that College graduates donate and volunteer more, “”College attendance increases generosity significantly,”” writes Trostel. With this students gain invaluable experiences, whether working for popular organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or directly with organizations on their campus that have meaningful and confident effects on the community and help students build skills and their resumes for future employment. Making college, very much worth it.

Not only does college give you experience, but it also sets you up for more options, and leads you to higher paying jobs. According to the bureau of labor statistics, in 2010, “” the median weekly earnings for someone with some college but no degree were $715, compared to $1038 for a college graduate”” (Andrew Rotherman 86-87). This increase in income is due to having a college background. With a degree more doors for higher paying jobs and careers are opened. Because you need to have a good education to be wanted by higher paying jobs. As Barack Obama once said “”You want to become a nurse or an architect, a lawyer or a member of our military? You are going to need a good educations for every single one of those careers”” (Obama 71). If you were to just drop out of college and expect to get a high paying job, that just would not be accurate. With a good job comes hard work and dedication. So in going to college it is very beneficial.

Finally, having a college degree is more likely to help you to earn more money in the future over your lifetime. College graduate earn far more money than the average person without that same college education. So if it seems like you would be able to earn good money right out of highschool, take another look at the long term effects from college and you will see that college definitely pays off more. So overall by attending college, students have a greater chance of economic success in the future, have a better quality of life, and undergo a great opportunity to explore a wide variety of possible paths.

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