Why Choose Nursing as a Career: my Lifelong Passion for Pediatric Care

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Updated: Sep 01, 2023
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Growing up in a Mexican household, I was taught to pursue my dreams no matter what environment I was in. Being born in a country full of possibilities, I had the privilege of choosing from a plethora of professions that would provide me with a fulfilling lifestyle. Still, it has been challenging being the only teenager in my family, aimlessly searching for a career that is perfect for me. I wanted to make my parents and siblings proud as I would walk down the stage earning both my high school and college diplomas. I aspire to be successful in proving worthy of the sacrifice made by my parents as they gave me my best life. For this reason, I wish to obtain a career in nursing that is of importance not only to my life but the lives of others.


Discovering My Passion for Nursing

I first developed an interest in nursing during my middle school years. Upon deciding what I wanted to study, my family began to grow in precious ways. My sister was pregnant while I was in eighth grade, and it was the most thrilling news to hear. However, she had many complications during her pregnancy, along with whenever my niece was born. I spent many hours in hospitals, waiting with my sister as she sought care for both her and her daughter. I was intrigued by the intensive care brought by the many specialists and caretakers who handled my niece and nursed her to health. For my undergraduate study, I would like to focus on pediatrics as it would hit close to home. I found my passion for nursing during one of the most joyous parts of my life and continued to search for ways of pursuing it.

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Why UCLA’s School of Nursing

There were many reasons why I chose to apply to UCLA’s School of Nursing. After deciding on my career, I wanted to make sure that I received an advanced, proper education to be able to help as many children as possible. During my sophomore year of high school, I was faced with a tragic event that occurred to my 10-year-old nephew. He was in a car accident that placed him under extreme conditions. At that moment, I felt helpless and unable to process such an accident. Again, I spent hours upon hours in the hospital watching him regain strength with the help of professionals. It allowed me to assess how I wanted to pursue my career with the best possible opportunity to do so. UCLA is a prestigious, highly acclaimed school where I could truly have the best opportunities possible. As my parents taught me, I have to work intensely for the things I desire. If I aspire to pursue a nursing career, I expect to obtain an education somewhere where I would have the best superiorities.

Being a Mexican-American woman, I have been fortunate enough to speak two languages: Spanish and English. My childhood consisted solely of Spanish-speaking individuals until I started school, where I learned English. I believe it is important for a nurse to speak Spanish due to the surplus of people who are not fluent in English. Being able to obtain information from a patient or parent of a patient is an essential part of any job, and thus, I am appreciative of the privilege of knowing more than one language.

Challenges Faced as a Hispanic

On another note, being Hispanic has troubled me with many disadvantages as well. Along with many of my friends, I am a first-generation applicant that has had a difficult time achieving many tasks. I had no one to set the precedent of what the commencement of many occupations would look like. I wanted to become a nurse but held trouble understanding the field when I was first deciding. I also did not have the luxury of exploring aid outside of school due to my household culture. After school, I was only allowed to attend school-related events and be home on time to provide care for my younger nieces. I did not have the opportunity to volunteer at hospitals due to a lack of transportation, which is why I have not been as experienced as I would be otherwise. I perceive school as a luxury where I take any and every opportunity to educate myself in the field I wish to pursue.

Educational Pursuits and Experiences

Ever since I decided on my career choice, I planned to take as many rigorous classes as I could to aid my understanding of becoming a nurse. I have gained an abundance of experience in the science and math fields by taking AP Honors classes. I spend no less than 10 hours a week outside of school, either studying or completing work given by such rigorous classes. To my understanding, I have taken every possible class that my school offers to aid my path toward becoming a nurse. All I know is how to work tremendously hard to be victorious in the field.

Leadership and Involvement

In school, I have also taken the liberty of being as involved as probable. I have obtained leadership opportunities, such as Student Council, to learn what it is like to be a dependable person. I helped organize many events, but one of my favorites would be a Fall Festival, where I engage with kids from my school’s feeder elementary schools. I adore working with children, which is why I elected to pursue a career in pediatrics. I believe that children are our future and deserve the most exceptional care that can be provided. Student Council gave me the necessary experience to explore working with them, and I am exceedingly obliged to be a part of such an engaged committee. I have also operated with an organization called the National Honor Society, where it was my duty to help around the school and my church’s daycare. I help care for younger kids and learn from the experience every day I volunteer.

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Conclusion and Future Aspirations

Overall, my future shall consist of a career where I can be of aid. A career in pediatric nursing is something I will hold a passion for. As I plan to study for four or more years, I plan to spend my time planning for a lifetime of treating and molding the lives of our future generation.


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