Why Pursue a Career in Nursing: a Personal Journey

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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This piece explores the personal motivations and journeys that lead individuals to pursue a career in nursing. It will delve into the intrinsic rewards of nursing, such as the opportunity to make a difference, the dynamic nature of the healthcare environment, and the personal growth that comes with facing challenging situations. The essay will include personal anecdotes and experiences that highlight the fulfillment and challenges of being a nurse, aiming to inspire and inform those considering this noble profession. PapersOwl showcases more free essays that are examples of Health Care.

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Early Inspiration in Nursing

My interest in a nursing career was inspired back in high school when I volunteered in a long-term care facility for community service. During this period, I enhanced my knowledge of healthcare, empowerment, and nurturing. Additionally, the period also made me discover the essence of a therapeutic and comforting smile to a patient in dire need of medical help. The opportunity also taught me the essence of a family and how important it is for a patient to reunite again with their families after a long stay at the hospital.

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Combined with the community beliefs of honesty, loyalty, and family that I had previously acquired during my upbringing, I decided to take up the role of bringing smiles to those who are almost losing hope in life. Since then, I dedicated myself to the task of restoring hope to the hopeless by not only ensuring that they gain physical health but also ensuring that they feel appreciated as they transition back to their normal lives. My desire to pursue nursing was then solidified, and so was my heart expanded to carry the task of restoring happiness to society.

Merging Personal Values with Professional Aspirations

I wouldn`t describe my nursing journey as an easy one. But despite all odds, I still find it the ideal job for me: I love being a nurse. My yearning for more, however, keeps being ignited. While working for an under-presented community with the iLift nonprofit organization, for example, I was highly disheartened to realize that there are people who are unable to access medical care owing to a limited number of physicians in the region. This raised my yearning for a better healthcare system in addition to inspiring me to become part of a society that can help such people access care at affordable prices.

The Future Vision for My Nursing Career

With an advanced degree as a family nurse, I hope to increase my overall understanding of nursing science as well as get an opportunity to research rural nursing issues as part of improving my knowledge of the ideal strategies for improving the health of the risk populations.

Additionally, the opportunity will also grant me a professional latitude for diagnosing and managing overall patient care with an emphasis on increasing the patient`s lifespan through prevention and coping strategies. Additionally, the knowledge will also be crucial in helping me to develop close-knit bonds with patients and their families as part of giving back to the community that has been very instrumental in my bringing up.

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