A Personal Philosophy of Nursing: my Journey and Aspirations

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Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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In this essay, the author will share their personal philosophy of nursing, reflecting on their journey and aspirations in the field. It will cover core values, beliefs about patient care, and the role of nurses in healthcare. The piece will also discuss the importance of empathy, continuous learning, and advocacy in nursing, as well as future goals and the impact the author hopes to have in their career. You can also find more related free essay samples at PapersOwl about Health Care.

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Philosophy of Nursing

My personal nursing philosophy is about altruism, being compassionate, and fidelity. Being proactive in patient care allows the patient to trust in the nurse. When nurses treat patients as a whole, and in the way they would want their loved ones treated, the patient’s positive health outcomes are increased, and confidence is established.

Choice of Nursing

I achieve self-gratification from helping people, so becoming a nurse has always been an interest of mine. At the beginning of my career, becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse opened my eyes to how being a helpful and compassionate nurse could influence a patient’s mood, engages them in their own care, and helps them feel better.

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I continuously help people, and that is how I know nursing is my purpose.
I desire to help people feel better with compassion while they are at their most vulnerable. During the birth of my niece, my brother and sister-in-law shared with me that the nurse was rude and discourteous. I would never want a patient to feel I was rude or impatient while providing them care. That is the last thing they need during a time of vulnerability. I want to earn the patients’ trust while I am giving the best patient care possible.

Essence of Nursing

I believe the core of nursing are justice, nonmaleficence, empathy, and trust. Nursing is about treating all patients equally regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation. Good nursing care should have no bearing on how well individuals are to be treated medically or humanely based on their physical appearance or cultural affiliation. When a nurse shows empathy towards their patients, it builds rapport, and patients gain the confidence to open up to talk about their issues and health. The ability to listen to patients not only verbally but also nonverbally fosters trust with patients. Along with being just, showing empathy and building trust is nonmaleficence. When a nurse has the patient’s best interest in mind, taking care of the patient wholeheartedly will not cause harm to the patient to the best of their ability. This includes double-checking orders, medicines, and lab work, among other care duties. Also, speaking up for the patients and asking questions when something doesn’t seem right.

Ethics in nursing involves incorporating the obligations and virtues of the smaller nursing society. These virtues and obligations are an addition to the already assumed obligations within the larger society. The ethics in nursing require practitioners to assist others when morally required, to preserve confidence in patient information, and to be non-judgmental of other people’s character (Al-Breiki, 2020). The history of nursing practice depicts that modern nursing was established after the realization of the need for ethical guidance in practice. For a long while, nurses engaged in practice guided by “Gretter’s Nightingale Pledge” (Al-Breiki, 2020). That led to the formation of the “American Nurses Association,” which developed the code of ethics, urgent concerns such as the welfare and registration of nurses, and the accreditation procedures for nursing institutions.

One of the important teachings a nurse receives early on in education is the “five rights” of medication administration. They are the right patient, the right drug, the right time, the right dose, and the right route. According to Judy Smetzer, Vice President of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), medication rights are broadly stated goals of safe medication practices that offer slight procedural guidance on how to achieve these goals. Thus, simply holding healthcare practitioners accountable for giving the right drug to the right patient in the right dose by the right route at the right time fails to ensure medication safety (Smetzer, 2007). Most recently, “right documentation” and “right reason” have been added to ensure the right medication was ordered and documented for other healthcare providers. When the “seven rights” are followed, nurses are giving ethical and quality care to patients when they diligently ensure the “rights” are followed every single time.

Beliefs and Values

I believe patients are more educated about their health than in times past. I believe the internet has a lot to do with that knowledge, but I also believe nurses and doctors do a better job of explaining illness, prevention, and treatments. I believe when patients feel knowledgeable, they are more trusting and compliant with their care.

The patient’s family and significant others play a vital role in the recovery of patients. When an individual is ill or hospitalized, doctors and nurses can only accomplish so much through treatment or surgeries. The better part of the healing process comes from compassion and support, especially from family members. Families that show support towards the patients facilitate a faster recovery as they calm and comfort the patient making the individual relaxed and enabling them to heal.

My belief in fellow healthcare providers is that a majority show dedication toward the health profession. Most fellow healthcare providers want to create better patient experiences.

Healthcare providers are selfless, sacrificing long hours, including major holidays. They put their patients’ needs over their own in certain situations. Also, health care providers, for instance, paramedics, offer hope to patients with their timely response to emergencies by offering first aid before the patients acquire specialized care.

I believe my own health is important, not only to me but my friends and family. I exercise four days a week, and I know that exercising, especially weightlifting, will help my muscles and bones as I age. I believe taking care of my body is great, but I must take care of my mind as well. With prayer, mindfulness, and sunlight, I feel better able to handle things that come my way.

Vision for the Future

At this time, I am an empty nester of one and a half years. In two years, I see myself still discovering who I am and what I enjoy doing. I desire to increase my knowledge and experience. I plan on being finished with this RN to BSN program…insert happy dance! I plan on working in a hospital setting with moms and newborns.

In five years, I will be working in the medical field. I will be gaining invaluable skills to advance my career. I would be looking into the prospects of enrolling in a graduate program in nursing based on my financial position and upon deciding on an advanced nursing course. I see myself with more knowledge and experience to figure out the path that is right for me.

In ten years, I plan to continue working and saving money. I want to travel a lot and enjoy time with my family. In ten years, I hope I can look back and be proud of all I have accomplished. I try not to get overwhelmed with the amount of work, sacrifice, and self-discipline this will all take. I try to look at it as one class, one assignment, one day at a time.


The strengths I have that will support the achievement of my professional goals are I have supportive friends and family. They root for me and lift me up when I feel discouraged. I am a hard worker, I push through challenges that are presented before me, and I believe in myself to reach my goals. Lastly, I plan to continue learning new things and growing as an individual and a professional.

The limitations I will need to overcome to achieve my professional goals are to continue to be diligent, not lose sight of my goals, and stay on course. When things get hard, overwhelming, or complicated, it is so easy to quit trying. In addition, I cannot let fear stop me. Fear of failure or fear of not being smart enough is another excuse to give in and not stay on course. Lastly, I want to be a steward of time and use it wisely, whether in a clinical setting, learning as much as I can, or studying at home.

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