Why i Deserve Nursing Scholarship: a Journey of Dedication and Determination

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Why i Deserve Nursing Scholarship: a Journey of Dedication and Determination

This essay will outline the reasons why the writer deserves a nursing scholarship. It will discuss their dedication to the field of nursing, academic achievements, and the determination to overcome challenges. The piece will highlight the writer’s passion for helping others, commitment to excellence in healthcare, and their vision for their future in nursing. It will also detail their contributions and aspirations in the nursing field. On PapersOwl, there’s also a selection of free essay templates associated with Health Care.

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Academic Achievements and Career Goals

I am currently a Junior Nursing student at Point Lorna Nazarene University. I take 16 units every semester along with summer classes each year and have maintained a GPA of 3.45 all three years. I have received hundreds of clinical hours in multiple hospitals all around San Diego in different units giving me a well-rounded learning experience as a student nurse. My goal is to graduate school with my BSN and pass the NCLEX on my first try, so I can become a registered nurse and begin working right away.

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After I become an RN and work in the hospital for a few years, I seriously plan on getting my Master’s degree and becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

I will work toward being a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as an RN at Sharp Mary Birch in San Diego. This hospital only takes in Point Lorna Nursing students for clinical hours and wants to hire PLNU new grad nurses. I chose the PLNU Nursing program because of its great reputation in San Diego.

Beginning of My Nursing Journey and Parental Influence

I have been working towards my goal of being a nurse since high school when I started volunteering in local hospitals once a week and taking extracurricular medical classes after school. My Mom is an employee of the Coast Community College District, and she has helped me immensely through this journey. She is a District Recruitment Coordinator and supports the Orange Coast College Campus. She gave me the idea of becoming a nurse when I was younger, and then helped me search for the best nursing school for me.

Unwavering Family Support

If it weren’t for my Mom, I might not be where I am today. My dad has continued to support my education goals and always encourages me to try my best. He knows I am capable of doing well, and he motivates me to keep doing my best even when it seems too difficult. The support of both my parents in school has been very helpful since nursing school can be mentally taxing. I am very close with my younger brother and consider him one of my best friends. He does not do well in a school setting, but seeing me succeed in school gives him the motivation to keep working hard and trying his best. My family is very involved in my life and gives me constant support during school, which I am very grateful for.

Community Involvement and Scholarship Appeal

My family also gives back to the community as we are a ‘Safe Family Host’ through an organization called Olive Crest. We take in children that need temporary housing and love while their families are in crisis. I have learned a lot through my volunteering opportunities, and that has led me to a career in nursing. I could not have gotten to where I am by myself, and any scholarships I receive allow me to continue to attend PLNU and keep working towards getting a higher education. I promise to make you proud if you decide to give me this scholarship. Thank you so much for your consideration and for this opportunity!

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