Why i Chose Nursing: a Passion for Healing and Community Impact

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Updated: Aug 09, 2023
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Nursing: A Deep-rooted Passion

Nursing is a passion of mine that is embedded in my heart of mine. My goal is to broaden my scope of practice and be more knowledgeable to provide the best care I possibly can. With my desire to learn and advance my career, I want to be able to play a larger role in managing care in our healthcare community. I believe a nurse. There is no limit to stop. My goal is to grow continuously, learn, and serve the community as a Nurse Practitioner.

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I Chose Nursing: A Personal Story

Growing up, I knew I always wanted to go into the medical field, but my passion for healthcare started when I was admitted into the hospital when I was 15 years old. I was there for about two weeks at a pediatric hospital for something the doctors called “shock in my body.” Back then, I didn’t understand as much, and neither did my parents. What I do remember and understand was how the nurses took care of my family and me. At the time, the nurse was the backbone of my family. Although I am not a parent yet, looking from their perspective, it is very frightening to see your child lying on a “deathbed.” But the nurses gave my parents and me the strength to keep fighting and, most importantly, gave us hope for recovery. Just seeing how compassionate some of the nurses were gave me an insight into seeing myself in their shoes one day. It gave me the motivation and desire to help the ones in need. This experience led me to pursue my career as a registered nurse, but it just doesn’t stop there.

Nursing Beyond Clinical Settings

Through my experience as a nurse on a med-surg telemetry floor and working alongside nurse practitioners, I feel that I have been prepared to progress to the family nurse practitioner program. I believe my knowledge of healthcare can help others outside the clinical setting. It gives me great joy when my family, friends, and co-workers come up to me for advice or direction when they are having difficulties with their well-being. I also believe that expanding my knowledge can also affect my personal wellness. The more I learn, the more attuned I am to my needs and the ability to make better lifestyle choices and healthy decisions.

Striving for Mastery in Nursing

To be successful as a nurse practitioner, I need to be knowledgeable and adaptive to the ever-changing healthcare environment and to the need of the community. The amount of diverse patients in health care is only getting larger with our aging population, more adults with mental illnesses, and a great number of patients with cultural differences and beliefs. Another important factor in being successful as a nurse practitioner is being a strong leader. Leadership can be challenging, but it opens many doors for career opportunities and can be very rewarding. After expressing my professional goals to others, I’m often asked why I want to bother with the extra time, workload, and expense involved in achieving my master’s and working as a nurse practitioner. I inform them that I want to better myself as a nurse and as a person and give back to the community. I want to commit myself to my profession as much as possible. I can then pass on my knowledge and skills to others around me and build a better community as a whole. Being in the graduate program will help me reach my primary goal of impacting the health of the community. I believe that a strong and prosperous community is only as good as its health and education, and I wish to make as much contribution as I can by assessing, diagnosing, educating, and managing the overall care of the patients. I will continue to strive to better myself as a person and as a professional nurse and continue to dedicate myself to achieving the best possible care I can for those in need.

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