Nursing is a very Important and Useful Career

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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Contrary to what some may believe, not everyone is cut out to be a nurse. If you enjoy caring for people and are willing to put your time and effort into training, nursing may be the right fit for you. This rewarding career path is imperative to the medical field. Nurses play a key role in healthcare—they educate patients on the prevention of illness and injury, assist in the curing of patients, and provide support. Nurses help doctors and other medical specialties in their workplace.

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Their observation skills and vigilance help doctors make better diagnoses and propose more effective treatments. Nursing is an exciting and fast paced profession—no day is the same, and each day offers a range of challenges that keep you learning and excited about the profession.

The life of a nurse is never dull. All nurses have one thing in common—they want to help people. Nursing gives you the opportunity to positively impact individuals’ lives. The vital qualities of a nurse include being compassionate and caring since you are dealing with patients one on one. Nursing is all about putting someone else’s needs above your own and desiring to help others. The role requires a great deal of patience as you may have to deal with aggressive patients or frustrated family members. In addition, teamwork is important since you will be working with other medical staff. There are several different paths to becoming a nurse—all of which require college-level training. Some colleges or universities provide two, three, or four-year programs to become a nurse.

Nurses can work their way from earning a diploma to acquiring a doctorate—both of which can lead to a successful nursing career. Nurses often continue learning throughout their careers to ensure they’re up-to-date on the newest advances in medicine. Nurses can choose the type of work setting that best suits them. Whether it’s in hospitals, clinics, schools, or other facilities, there is a place for everyone. In fact, some nurses, known as travel nurses, can work out of their home state, which allows them to experience new places and meet new people. Nurses can also specialize in areas such as family practice, geriatrics, and labor and delivery. There are hundreds of different specialties which allow you to utilize your specific strengths in nursing. My personal experience in the medical field began when I was a nursing assistant.

A nursing assistant is someone who helps patients with healthcare needs under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. When I worked in the nursing home, interacting and helping the residents was a joy. My experience there was fascinating–I learned a great deal, and I served not only as a caretaker but also as a friend to patients in some instances. I enjoyed being a nursing assistant so much that I decided to further my career in nursing. I am now in the process of earning my Associate Degree in Nursing and studying to become a Registered Nurse. Nurses are critical because they care for, evaluate, and educate people—they make a significant impact on a patient’s outcome. They innovate and advocate for knowledge-based practices to improve an individual’s health. They are an instrumental component of the overall healthcare setting. Nurses profoundly impact lives in myriad ways. My goal is to graduate and begin my career as a registered nurse.

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