What is the Difference between Older Generation and the Young One?

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Does impact create a gap? What has changed, good or bad?

Well, each of us is entitled to our opinion. The current generation is unlike any other generation that I have seen in history. With the rise of technology, the world is rapidly evolving and changing the way most of us do things. Today’s younger generation is so used to technology that they learn very quickly. This can be seen as a blessing, but there are times when it doesn’t work.

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The way things worked in my 80s generation has changed radically. And I don’t believe that some things are developing for the better. But this is my point of view. If I decided to write this post, it was because young people laughed at the way a person my age did things.

The modern generation believes that they have the right to do anything without having to lift a finger. This generation thinks it has the right to spoon feed all its desires, while those before it have worked hard for everything they have. And yes, there are pros and cons across all generations.

Some young people threw things on the ground, and there was a rubbish bin about ten feet away. An elderly man my age told them to pick up the trash. One girl brought it all up while others were laughing and told the man that his generation didn’t care about the environment either.

I live in Austria and admire this country, so I knew that this situation would not escalate into unfavorable circumstances. As I listened to this as I walked by, I realized that even if there were no organic products in stores yet, we lived more naturally. These young people were wrong.

In my generation
In my generation, we have already recycled. We returned all glass bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the factory to be washed, sterilized and refilled so that it could use the same containers over and over.

Mothers washed diapers made from old clothes because they didn’t have the throw-away kind that we have today. They dry clothes in line with the wind and sun, not a dryer. Most of the children in my homeland received old clothes from their older relatives every time, not new or branded clothes.

We had to push the mower with the force of our hands to rotate the blades, instead of starting the engine running on electricity or gasoline just to mow the lawn. In my generation, we were on the street all day playing sports with other kids, rather than going to a health club. We didn’t want to stay in the house.

More than my generation
At school, my generation rewrote pens with ink cartridges instead of getting a new pen. Many of us took a tram or bus; others used their bicycles to go to school, while some of us walked instead of turning our parents into a regular taxi service.

The older generation met face to face with friends to have real conversations rather than texting each other all the time. We went all over the place, to the store or up the stairs, instead of climbing into our car or motorized skateboard every time we had to leave two or three blocks away.

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