The Fading Value of Integrity Among the Young Generation

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Updated: Nov 22, 2022
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The Fading Value of Integrity Among the Young Generation essay

Among the fast fading values of the young generation is integrity. Over the years, this moral and ethical fabric of society has been continually weakened in pursuit of fulfillment in life. Having integrity refers to adherence to moral and ethical principles uprightness of moral character; honesty among other values. Like many other values, it is a personal choice to uphold this ethical principle. From ethics viewpoint, it is seen as the accuracy, truthfulness or honesty of an individual’s actions. Integrity can be antagonistic to hypocrisy basing on its standards that entail innate consistency as a virtue.

Integrity is multidimensional, and for this reason it encompasses a wide range of issues with even more values embedded within it such as accountability, reputation and morale, fairness, leadership among others. First, integrity is a crucial tool in the fight against corruption that has encroached the minds of many young people. The later has seen them lose faith in the adequacy and efficacy of the various institutions. These include the universities and the police among others in the delivery of quality services to all with fairness and without favoritism on account of race, skin color religion or even nationality. In the view of this integrity, for this reason, should be at the forefront of every organization and institution core values. Integrity is one of the most potent values because it can change lives of individuals and those of others especially the youth. As a value, it may enhance accomplishments through the power of practicing; it multiplies the power of actions and its results. Also, its expression in physical acts, in thoughts and attitudes individually have their power.

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Secondly, another dimension of integrity is its application in various aspects of our day to day endeavors. We are living in a century by what the youth uphold slogans like the “end justifies the means”. This is a great demeanor to efforts and campaigns on the need to uphold it. It is a value that one cultivates and inculcates over a long period, but it could take only a second to lose. Most of the young people lack the courage to stand and uphold it when circumstances become a little bit more stressful and tension is high.For instance the sales people overpromise and the various realms of life, we have personal integrity, professional integrity, artistic integrity and intellectual integrity as identified by popular psychology. In all the later aspects, the youth today are deficient in this value, and these have contributed greatly to the various crisis that we as the youth are facing today such as job sucking.

Thirdly, integrity is very vital when it comes to information assurance since information that lacks integrity is untrustworthy. Data integrity is another aspect that should be considered. It refers to keeping and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle. In social media, most youths in the social media like Facebook, Twitter among others have abused the data integrity by registering their accounts with false information. This lack of integrity has indirectly contributed to a series of various cyber crimes like identity theft, transaction fraud, advance fee fraud, hacking, and piracy.

In conclusion, one cannot underemphasize the importance of the other ethics principles such as honesty since they are of equal merit in raising the moral standards of the youths today. Integrity, however, is very integral since it encompasses most of the other values that greatly contribute towards a just society.

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