Integrity or Dishonesty Upon Voting?

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Updated: Nov 22, 2022
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Integrity or Dishonesty Upon Voting? essay

If I were in the position of having to vote for the current Speaker of the House who is up for re-election again, while is known to be corrupt and is being investigated by a grand jury on bribery charges, I would definitely not support him. Although the Speaker is telling me that he will in return for my support, appoint me as vice-chairman on a committee that has dramatic impact on my district and also support a bill I have drafted for a major construction project in my home county, I would still have to decline.

The slogan I ran on is “Integrity, Honesty & Morality: Let’s Bring Decency Back to Texas Politics.”, I would feel like a big hypocrite If I were to support this corrupt Speaker, who for all I know with his dishonest character could back out on his word in supporting my bill and appointing me as vice-chairman. How would I be able to trust that he would even keep his word when he has such a deceitful reputation? The truth is I wouldn’t, I don’t think that I’d be able to risk my position and all the hard work that I did to get there, for something that is not only wrong and immoral but also that might not even come to be.

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Unfortunately, these days almost all politicians are corrupt, people hear all over the news about how politicians are found stealing money, soliciting to bribes, or being a part of sex scandals. Throughout history, many corrupt and selfish individuals have run politics. These types of individuals are the main reasons for the existence of the world’s injustice. Most politicians are only concerned about satisfying the majority group, or their own group’s interests. The problem that this causes is that a whole other group of people are not being represented, thus being denied of their justice. I would not want to be one of those politicians, I would try to be different and not follow the crowd, especially if I made a promise to the people who voted for me. I believe that a man or woman is only as good as his or her word. If he or she is unreliable and dishonest, they will not be trusted by the people, and once that trust is broken their public image will never be the same again.

In my ongoing job trying to help my district with its unemployment rate I would continue my bill that I have drafted for a major construction project in my home county, without the bribe of the Speaker. Yes, some people might agree that without the help of the Speaker that I will not get very far in my quest for a change, but If I don’t stand for what I believe in, than I will fall for anything. In order for the people to start having more faith in their government we need people in politics that will keep their promises and can be trusted to make the right choices.

Therefore, my decision would be not to support this Speaker, even though what he is offering me will be a benefit to my work and future plans I must stand by my morals and principles. I would still continue with my projects and bill and work hard to make sure that they succeed the honest way. A wise man once said “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” that wise man was Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest President’s in history that our country has had.

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