What is Self Compassion

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the essay “on compassion” (2017), Ascher narrates about On one side is a black man in very shabby clothes and long uncombed hair walking down the street of Manhattan, he stops next to a mother and baby?The mother became nervous and clutched the pram, and the pedestrians who were waiting for the lights to change turned their eyes away from the homeless black man. Finally the homeless man got the five dollars from the mother. On the other side is a homeless old man in shabby clothes with a strong smell of cigarettes and urine walking to a small French bread shop, The shopkeeper gave him food and the homeless old man left.

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These two stories reflect the humanity and compassion between people.

These two cases can be seen everywhere in our life, When some people’s status is greatly different from ours, when they are in the lower class, we always treat them with an alternative attitude, we don’t accept them, we don’t help them. But there are more and more homeless people, and we should try to accept them with compassion, compassion is not innate it’s learned by posteriority, be careful to distinguish them are good or bad, and consider things from other’s point of view. Compassion is not innate it’s learned by posteriority, as Ascher describesit, he doesn’t believes that one is born compassionate. Compassion is not a character trait like a sunny disposition. It must be learned. When I entered a new university life, I met many new faces, some people seem to be very serious, the appearance of a bad contact, but when I look at them.

I know their interests and hobbies, and then I pay attention and try to contact with them and often discuss them a bit. After that, they are no longer as serious as before, always smile to me, and we became good friends, I found that we will miss a lot of person if we do not pay attention. We each have life and story, We both will changing mode, maybe this was the beginning of compassion. We should compassion for others, everyone is equal, Like the French bread shop owner in the article, she gave food to homeless people without any reason, Because she understands the situation of the homeless, we should consider things from other’s point of view too, I think compassion is not about individuals, but it is about situations. You can understand the difficulties of others, this is a person’s advantage, can let you quickly get others to your friendship, can help you obtain a profound friendship

Of course, sometimes compassion for others can lead to the discovery that some people are not friendly, so we should be careful to distinguish them are good or bad. Similar to the mother in the article, when she saw the homeless black man, she clutched the baby carriage and became nervous. She watched carefully for a while and found that the black man was not dangerous then she chose to help him. The opposite of the mother in the article ,I also met a homeless man in the street, I walk on my way to school, suddenly in a simple black with a bowl to beg for money to me, and have been looking at my cell phone, I in one hand and a mobile phone with one hand to pay the money to him.

When he was ready to go, his grab my mobile phone and run away. In this world there are lots of people need help, also has a lot of things we may not be able to see through, but in the face of vulnerable groups, as long as you wake up your compassion, treat everyone equal and be careful to distinguish between them, you will find what you should do, help others at the same time, also in change yourself become more outstanding.

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