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Similarly, According to the article, the author has stated that Turgenev saw human beings as creatures bestowed with awareness, realization, feelings, and capable of finding the difference right and wrong. They have their own moral values and norms. While, Marx saw them always as “snowflakes in an avalanche, as instances of general forces, as not yet fully human because utterly conditioned by their circumstances” (Dalrymple,page 2 How and How Not to Love Mankind 2.pdf).Turgenev and Marx both of the great philosophers grew up together, with same circumstances, same literary influence, and tastes but their way of looking at the people and their life was different. Turgenev saw “men” but Marx saw “classes of men”and where Turgenev saw “people”, Marx saw “the People”.

These two philosophers’ way of looking the word at that time has impacted us directly or indirectly, proposing the solutions to the pertaining social problems. On the case of society they have been arguing most of the time because of the opponent behavior and aspect. According to Dalrymple, responses to these two philosophers from various aristocrats in Russia was, despite their similarities of education, one had the compassion rooted in the sufferings of individuals and was real while the other had the abstract and general, which was unreal aspect. It was the hotcake for the recent era.

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Conversely, Marx intents to provoke us to the violence. Moving from Turgenev to Marx, the view point would be changed or the rise of the different perspective was arising. In the field of Marx there is anger, bitterness, compassion, sorrow and hatred. As the author explains their philosophy towards their own life, Marx, unlike Turgenev, is on the side of the world, man with nothing. Besides the world of thoughtfulness one has lot of things to do in his/her life. Compiling the issues and facing the tackles in the life making a universal rule was for sure not easy for him. As society never accepts the new things so easily all the time.

Similarly, the main effective viewpoint of this article is the welfare for the mankind is the only possible action that made the human being superior than any other living beings. The title of the article itself is so clear on what is the article all about. It motivates the reader for the mankind and asking to pursue the humanity in this world. Being human is not only the sufficient aspect to live like the human beings for that we have to do the welfare for the society we live ,the nation we grown up and the only world we are blessed with.Overall, the article “How and How not to Love Mankind”, gives the detail outline of the differentiation among the same branch of the one tree.

It has enlightened the variation among the people, the thinking the morality, values and way of being human. It states how two people being raised under the same circumstances can have the different perspective towards the same topic. (Mankind) One might feel it through the emotions whereas other can roughly go through it. The Love, happiness, sacrifices give a rise to the friendly environment to breathe the fresh air in the chained society. That’s how the welfare of mankind is explained in the article. As being human we have to do at least something towards the society that can be fruitful for our upcoming generation. Life starts with the social bonding it lives with it and will be taken by it.

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