The Compassion for Kids

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Have you ever seen someone who was doing so well and was so proud of something that they have achieved and then you get that sad feeling inside. That feeling is called compassion. In the story Marigolds, they live in a very poor, run down town. The kids are always bored so sometimes they go mess with old Ms. Lottie. In this old dirty town Ms. Lottie plants marigolds which brings her happiness. One day they decide to go destroy all of her marigolds, which devastates Ms. Lottie. Although empathy and emotion is shown more in marigolds, The Jungle also shows a great amount.

In the story Marigolds, a girl named Lizabeth realized the emotions and empathy she was feeling and changed the person she was, she matured and grew up. She realized how she was hurting someone else’s personal feelings and made her realize her wrong she was commiting and changes her perspective on things. “In that humiliating moment i looked beyond myself and into the depths of another person. This was the beginning of compassion, and one cannot have both compassion and innocence.” (collier:63). This shows how empathy and emotions can change someone for the good.

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Also there is ways that one’s emotions can make someone else feel empathy for you. In the story, The Jungle, Foreigners from lithuania travel all the way to chicago to work at an animal slaughter house, but the conditions aren’t the greatest. The workers express their emotion of disgust toward their situation, they don’t enjoy having to work in a mess of blood and contamination. The workers expressed their emotions through describing it and specifically saying it through their words, not needing to identify the emotion. “When they were at work they could not even wipe off their faces, they were as helpless as newly born babes in that respect; and it may seem like a small matter, but when the sweat began to run down their necks and tickled them, or a fly to bother them, it was a torture like being burned alive”.

This can make the reader feel empathy towards them because they are working in such bad conditions that it will make them feel bad. The way people feel, or their emotions have been shown to make a difference on the way the audience feels. In marigolds, Ms. Lottie felt sad because the kids destroyed her flowers, which would make the reader feel bad for her. Also in the Jungle when these immigrant workers come to get a better life and they are faced with these horrible conditions, it makes them feel bad.

Emotions and Empathy will always be able to come out in a story. You might not be able to see or identify them, but they will always be there. In Marigolds, Lizabeth had realized what she had done to this poor old lady, Miss lottie and didn’t see her as an angry witch no more. “I scrambled to my feet and just stood there and stared at her, and that was the moment when childhood faded and womanhood began. The witch was no longer a witch but only a broken old woman who had dared to create beauty in the midst of ugliness and sterility.” (Collier:62) After doing this to Ms. Lottie, she has realized that her actions really hurt Ms. Lottie and herself becuase she feels bad for what she has done to her. By doing this she is able to grow up and become a better person.

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