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A Self-assessment is defined as the act or process of analyzing and evaluating oneself or one’s actions: assessment of oneself. (https://www.merriam-webster.com) During this process, you should examine yourself in attempt to discover and learn more about yourself. Learn what your likes, dislikes, behaviors, attitudes and habits are. You can utilize all of this knowledge to your advantage. You can accept your strengths and weaknesses, or change them. After completing this course and analyzing the results of the assignments, I have come to realize that I am confident in many areas due to my work experience and education, but there are certainly areas I need to improve on. When I considering myself as a potential manager, organization member, or team member, I am a person that feels one can never stop learning. If you stop learning, you stop growing.

Pryor to taking this course, I have noticed a few things about myself. The first is that my learning style is very visual. I prefer to see and read information to fully gain understanding. If it doesn’t sink in the first time, I read it, or look over it, I always can go back and read it over. I feel I tend to forget things as more and more gets thrown at me so I am a big advocate of taking notes. They might not always be the prettiest, or the tidiest, but it makes sense to me and helps me retain the information. They have helped me especially in times of high stress when I tend to forget things the most. Along with notes, I like to keep a list of things to do to refer to so I feel organized. I have had anxiety my entire life, but as I get older it seems to surface more, so keeping everything organized helps keep that at bay. I have become comfortable with my learning style, accepted it as my very own and try to utilize it the best I can. I am not sure if changing it this late in life is such a good idea, or would even work for me.

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I have come to find that my personality style to be extroverted. An extrovert is described as a friendly person who enjoys talking to and being with other people. Extroverts love parties, talking on the phone, and meeting new people. (vocabulary.com) It is said that they don’t like or need a lot of alone time, which I find to be somewhat not true. I do like time to myself to decompress or just relax. Extroverts are outgoing, optimistic, and thrive around people. The aren’t afraid to take a risk either. Extroverts, on the other hand, get their essential stimulation from the outer world, the world of people and things. (Extroverted Leaders) I tend to direct my energy and attention outward and receive energy from interacting with people and from taking action. I used to be very introverted when I was younger, but as I got older and had some experience in the bar industry, I noticed a change in myself and personality.

When it comes to leadership, it is not just found in the workplace, but all around us. In any situation, leaders take a step forward and take charge of the situation. It can be at home, at work or at any other place. Leaders are never born, they become leaders because they have the credibility and people would love to follow them. One of the most important qualities that differentiates a leader from the rest of the crowd is the ability to think strategically. (Muzahed, 2018) Vison is the principle facet that drives a leader’s strategy. Some other qualities include decision making, time management, self-motivation, problem solving, and many more. After we have established the type of leadership, determining what leadership skills we have and which we need to develop comes next. Also, Keirsey Style Sorter personality type helps to knowing our temperament type, and work on our weakness and to emerge out as a good leader. After taking the self-assessment, I feel confident in my qualities and how I need to deal with people with different personalities, and different methods of though to come to a common solution of any problem.

You can know your strength and weakness by understanding your leadership style. You can be an effective leader by being proactive and using your strength and working on your weaker areas. Through this course I have discovered that my leadership style leans towards democratic/participative. With this approach, you set goals, guide team discussions, and make the final decision. But you also acknowledge that your people can have valuable insight into a problem or process, so you actively consult them. As a result, you’ll likely gain creative input and fresh idea’s that you wouldn’t have come up with if you were working alone. (mindtools.com) I try to treat people that I am in charge of the way I would like to be treated. I know that as a team, if one person doesn’t feel like their input matters it could hinder a whole project. I very much like all types of feedback, whether its good, bad, or indifferent. I always want my team to be happy. It makes working towards the end goal more rewarding, and if they feel appreciated it will encourage them to work harder.

When I evaluate my personal leadership strengths, problem solving is at the top of my list. I worked for a bar as a bartender and then manager for over 13 years, sometimes you needed to make a decision quickly, or without backing from fellow co-workers. Now going into logistics upon graduation I feel as though it will be utilized even further. The company I will be working for implores you to always try and find more effective and efficient ways of doing the routine tasks. In the supply chain field, many feel as though there are so many factors to consider when problem solving, so therefore the solution must be as equally complex. As stated by my soon to be manager, overwhelming problems are best solved by simplifying how you look at the issue and taking small steps. The goal is to minimize the occurrence of problems – which means we must be courageous enough to tackle them head-on before circumstances force our hand.

My second strongest leadership strength I feel is self-motivation. When I was younger, I could never kick start myself, this is something that I developed overtime with age and learning. When your talking about self-motivation in a work environment, I feel that to be a leader you don’t have to love what you are doing, but you do have to like it. I will always look for ways to keep myself motivated. I like to learn new tasks, or take an existing one and make it better or more efficient. The good thing about keep self-motivated is that people working with you also can feel the positive energy and they all start working with you and tasks become so easy. I always try to be optimistic and I am always ready to accept new challenges.

When you are facing your own personal leadership weakness’s, no one likes to admit they have them, but we all do. There is always something you can work on to try and improve. My first weakness that I need to work on is negative thinking. I am a person who lives by “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Leaders should always strive to be positive and always point to a brighter tomorrow. People should not follow negative thinking leaders. Sometimes I catch myself almost going down the rabbit hole to the worst possible scenario, even before it happens. I need to stop doing that and just remain positive. Of course, you are always going to face setbacks, and other issues in leadership, but when you do you tackle them as they come. I have learned that negative thinking can stimulate your emotion center as much as positive thinking does. They both can have an effect to the detriment or dysfunction of your team or project if done improperly. It’s OK to be excited and passionate about outcomes, but when presented with obstacles, it’s important to unwind from positive thoughts and get back to the center of the issue at hand. It’s about being a rational-thinking human being and knowing that not everything is based on emotion.

I need to stop doing that and just remain positive. Of course, you are always going to face setbacks, and other issues in leadership, but when you do you tackle them as they come.

The second personal leadership weakness I face is fear, and emotions. I find myself sometimes afraid to be wrong, afraid to make someone angry, afraid to try something different! People sometimes are afraid to change, or are afraid of change. Fear prevents people from doing a lot of things – especially leading. This has been a obstacle I have struggled with for many years, but I keep telling myself is, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Sometimes change is imperative, and I need to embrace it, not be afraid of it. When it comes to emotions, they play into that fear as well. Naturally I am an emotional person. I like to call it passionate as well, but it can be a drawback at times. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing, but I don’t like to see anyone unhappy, upset, mad, or even in trouble. If anyone would ask me for help, I would drop was I was doing to help them. Or if someone upset me, it would consume my thoughts and change my attitude for the rest of the night. Now, starting a new position, I don’t think there is any room for emotions. I think this is going to be strictly what makes sense time wise, and the best way to do it cost wise. Though since I have acknowledged my weakness’s, I feel I have done a good job at working towards correcting them and moving forward.

After spending 4 years in college at a much older age then right out of high school, it taught me a lot more then just the academic aspect. It really made me reflect on a lot, and I think my career goals have changed a few times. Like I said earlier in this paper, I have accepted a position in Logistics/Supply Chain, that I am going to go into upon graduation. Though I spent close to 14 years working in a bar, learning all aspects of the business, I am excited to move on and start a career. The expectations, and every day tasks will be so much different, and I will be over seeing (along with other supervisors) 150 truck drivers. That is a huge jump from managing 9 employees’! I am going to have to be comfortable making decisions quickly, and efficiently. I didn’t necessarily think this was the career that I wanted to go into, but the company has some great opportunities for advancement. Also, if I decide to pursue my master’s degree, they provide 100% tuition reimbursement. The fully support furthering your education which is a huge bonus. My fiancé and I have a goal set that in 2 years we want to move to Nashville. What’s nice about this company is that they have locations in that area that we would be able to transfer to if we wanted. (He also works for the company)

Once in Nashville, if I could set a goal to obtain my dream job it would be to work in marketing and promotions in the music industry. I have always loved music, and I am a huge fan of country music, new and old. There is so much talent spilling out of that area right now that I would love to sink my teeth into working with! I met a girl one night who had done exactly what I hope to do. She had done things like setting up meet and greats with artists for fans. Now I have only been to one and met my absolute favorite artist, Cole Swindell, and I have to say it was such a memorable and amazing experience for me. Knowing how I felt in that moment, and what It meant to me, it is something I would love to do as a job. I would pour my heart and soul into it. Music is such a passion for me. When I’m feeling down it picks me up, gets me excited and moving. If I am already happy, it provides entertainment. Its such a big part of my life that to be able to work with it everyday would be my forever goal! Living 12 hours away right now doesn’t make it the easiest to find jobs in that field, but hopefully within 2 years we will be living there and I can make some connections. My internship professor did let me know that she has a contact at Warner Music Nashville, so before the semester is over, I am hoping she will share the email with me, and I can touch base with them. I would think that she wouldn’t have told me she knew people there if she didn’t want to share the contact information.

After taking this course, and the reading and researching I have done I know and am very comfortable with what kind of leader I can be. I know what the weakness I need to work on are and how I can influence my team and the people outside my work environment. This course has taught me many different types of leadership style and one cannot be an effective leader but just following one specific style. To be an effective leader you need to assess the situation and act according to the situations.

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