Self Assessment: how to Learn about yourself

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Self Assessment: how to Learn about yourself

This essay will provide guidance on self-assessment techniques. It will discuss how to conduct a self-assessment, the benefits of understanding oneself, and how this self-knowledge can lead to personal and professional growth. PapersOwl offers a variety of free essay examples on the topic of Organization.

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I have accomplished and learned so many skills and information during this course.I was taught how to compose and write different types of essays that I wasn’t accustomed to. For example, memoirs and a literacy narratives are just a few to name. Writing papers was kind of hard at first because I never wrote papers like a memoir or literacy narrative but my professor made it much easier by emailing us the characteristics of each paper that we had to write.

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Most of my papers that I wrote had to either be paraphrased or I had to write the whole thing over because I didn’t do it right. I also learned how to revise my essays to make them better. This class has taught me how to use the site my sources and quotations correctly in my papers. I now know and understand how to use MLA format because of this class. Before this class, I did not use any colorful or vivid words but this class taught me the importance of colorful words and how they can brighten up my paper. I never knew that a had this much writing potential until I took this course. I feel like I can write about anything.

This class has also taught me how to properly critique and respond to my classmates.The discussion post were a big part of class. This really helped us interact with our peers and give them our feedback. This was a great experience because it helped me feel more confident because I have anxiety. I now know how to accept constructive criticism. I use to think that criticism was a bad thing but now I realize that it is actually a good thing. This class has taught me the criticism is actually feedback and this gives me the chance to learn more than I already know. From criticism I get to look at something from another perspective. Thee cristim from this class also directed me away from bad practices. Before this class I used to plagiarize a lot because I did not know how to paraphrase and put it in my own words. This class taught me how to paraphrase or put some things in quotes. I also can interact with my classmates through responding and critiquing them and giving them my perspective of things. The class readings has helped me because it has increased my vocabulary. I also noticed that my writing skills was getting more advanced because the readings that we had to do matched the type of paper that we was writing for that week. This has helped me write broadly on the topic that I had choose.Reading, writing and doing the discussion board post was difficult, but I really helped me complete my work on time and multitask.

English 111 taught me how to interpret text. This skill is very critical to have. I now can read a text and give a quick summary and critique the piece of writing. My professor really helped me identify important passages and themes in a story and put them together. I think that this skill is important to have because when you are reading a story or text because it helps you understand the natural flow of the story.

The most important thing that I learned from this class is to write from the heart instead of writing to just get a passing grade. When I was in highschool I wrote about topics that I knew it would excite my teachers. I am very grateful to have a college professor to gives us the right to choose our own topics that we are interested in. I learned how to express my feelings through writing. We even discussed this in one of the readings.

Overall, I would have never thought that I would have learned so many valuable assets that could help me in the future. Before I enrolled in this class, I didn’t have a lot of experience writing papers. Although I messed up on a lot of papers, I am grateful I learned from my missteps. This class has taught me what most english books can’t teach me. This semester of college was very productive. I am thankful for everyone of my classmates and my professor for making this semester memorable.

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