What is Freedom of Speech

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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Freedom of speech is the right of ones’ right to express and communicate their ideas, opinion, and beliefs. As a result, nobody should fear being reprimanded, punished, or expurgated by society and perhaps the government at large. In most cases, it is done to attract mass attention from the community. It is entirely synonymous to seeking freedom of denied privileges such as an inappropriate distribution of public resources and side-lining of the minority among others. It is a universal right which is recognized under the 19th article of the universal declaration of human rights globally (Sharma, p.

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39). Besides, it is well thought out as an intercontinental human law in the worldwide covenant on civil and political rights.

The central theme is never again shall civilians be barred from speaking out their ideas philosophies and opinions about issues likely to be affecting them negatively. In the meantime, the right of speech may be limited, for instance, obscenity, sedition, inciting and phonography among others may not be recognized because they don’t support human morals (Netherlands, p. 18). People may differ but due to diversified opinions and ideas may converge into desirable and scrutinized economic and socio-political conclusions. As an individual, the freedom of speech helps us to develop with distinctive personalities. We grow as democratic people who can listen, conceptualize compromise and make thoughtful decisions. Innovation is possible where people are privileged to think and create issues freely social media is one of the best platforms used to discuss ideas affecting the ordinary people (Lukianoff, p.83). Autonomy as far as self-expression is concerned is directly proportional to economic growth because of the public is involved in decision making towards government strategies. Before the government passes fundamental laws is essential to consult the public for criticism. Defective laws which might undermine other fundamental rights might be easily detected.

The society can denote plans which have no likelihood of promo prosperity of the country. In the meantime, social equality is enhanced as well as breeding harmony across the political divide (Powers, p. 110). In other words, this is an essential perspective and a tool that forms the basis of democracy within democratic States. Limited freedom of speech may have adverse toward the minority community as it has been noted in the United States. There has been a discriminative exclusion and police brutality toward the Black Americans (Wilcox, p. 206). To mention but a few Castile a treasured nutritionist was ruthlessly shot by white US police in the year 2016. Eventually, the black people organized protests against the extrajudicial killings. The government under steer of Barack Obama observed the grievances and formed a commission to investigate the lethal trend, the root of the menace and resolutions as well.Marginalized people such as lesbians’ gays’ bisexual transgender and the disabled have been side-lined in Western Europe. The societal setting hardly supports them despite the struggles made by the human right groups.

The most significant barrier is the immediate communities. The team does not take part in any meaningful activities in the country. Consequently, the high brain witted civilians run away thus experiencing a brainwash which might have been domestically utilized. Restricted freedom to some point may cause rebels and radicalization. Eventually, the frustrated people may hit back as the terrorist trying to compel the authorities to make out their problems (Cram, p. 137).Previously gender equality and equal opportunities for education were probably not valued from one place to another in the world. Most affected states were the third world countries (). The sole financier was the central government, but unfortunately, girl child education was hardly considered. Poverty and traditions were the substantial factors for girlish illiteracy. High women illiteracy index made them unable to debate or share written ideas thus enlarging gender equity gap in the government and administrative authorities (Kersch, p. 339).

Fortunately, the few educated women organized themselves to picket against their governments to support girl education. Providentially charitable bodies came out in support and unanimously financed girls’ school from most of the needy families in Africa. As a result, a commendable number of women in Africa are presently educated and less corrupt as compared to their male counterpart. Women are essential economic stimuli and acknowledged to support education at all cost, and ignorance is being gradually shed away. Poverty eradication initiatives have been successfully found by literate African ladies to enhance whole countries (Alan, p. 89).ConclusionIn conclusion freedom of expression is an exceptional right which underpins all human rights as well as the democratic form of leadership. The United States has been portrayed as the only country which upholds freedom of speech with a lot of enthusiasm though currently, racial segregation has soiled the repute. Being economically fit and democratically appreciable is a result of involving her people in the policymaking.

Therefore tackling barriers which may lead to limited self-expression is a vital step toward national development, internal and external cohesion as well as dissolving minorities back to the society. Cases of rebels and social conflict may come to an end everybody is comfortable.

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