Professional and Public Service

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In the recent past, there has been poor academic performance among students in the upper classes in the school. As a professional teacher I got concerned to know the reasons for the poor performance in the upper classes in most high schools in the city.

I conducted a research and realized that among the poor performers had very good academic qualifications when joining the higher institutions and the better part of their lower level classes. I tried to approach several poor performing students in a friendly manner trying to know their problems. I continued with my research without success and begun to think they were just lazy and lost.

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One morning during an English lesson I realized they were struggling to stay awake and they were generally dirty. One of the students was chewing and giving a closer look it was some powder. On furthering my investigation about 60% of the class was on drugs that morning. I called upon the administration for help because it was a critical case that I could not manage alone.With the help of the head boy and other willing students we managed to identify the place they were channeling their drugs from. Together with the school administration we organized a parents meeting and discussed many issues pertaining the students and the society in general. It was discovered that the problem was not only in the school but also in the surrounding estates.

Most students were emulating their brothers and sisters from the estates. We involved the police to uproot the established drug dealers in the surrounding estates. They were using poor children to traffic their drugs many of whom are now under special school for care. We started inviting some of the affected villagers in the school every Thursday evening for counseling sessions. Some were taken to rehabilitation centers for help are still improving with time.

The games master and I organized football matches between the school team and the outsiders at least to engage them in the gaming activities and reduce the time they were idle. After some time the city council acknowledged the good work and hired many to be doing the city cleanup work. Within a period of two years we managed to eradicate drug abuse in the school and the surrounding estates. There have been reduced crime rate around the school. Most of the drug traffickers and users would steal to get money for drugs.

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They would steal from their parents and in the worst cases attack people in the streets at night. The villages are calm and people are gaining confidence in the estates including myself. It was risky to stay around the school especially if you were busy during the day. The idle villagers would spot and attack your residence when you are away. For this reason most of the people chose other villages and estates.

There is increased good performance among the form threes and fours. Many of them confessed that they were under drugs resulting to poor performance. The severe cases were taken to rehabilitations and a good number of them have managed to change. They are able to concentrate and they have a good and peaceful society they live in now. There were guards that were employed in many places in the estates to ensure that not even one drug trafficker survive in his mission.

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