Virtual Reality (VR)

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Virtual reality has enhance life in all aspects by allowing your senses to feel what your body cannot experience; it allows you to travel, learn, and has a bright future ahead of it. Even though it has experienced obstacles, it is an emerging technology at best. Therefore, what is Virtual reality “Virtual reality is the term used to describe a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and whilst there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions”(Virtual Reality Society, 2017).

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Virtual reality has succeeded to enhance life because it exceeds the odds one never expects to meet. “VIRTUAL Reality (VR) is the current frontier in gaming, offering immersion and totally different experiences to what gamers have been used to”(Wilson, 2017). Virtual reality has enhanced this field a lot due to the fact that gamers have a need to feel immersed in the game to feel like their truly there in the action.

Virtual reality has now started to include more and more items to the collection of VR, which is making this reality feel more immersive. Virtual reality gaming still has a long way to go but still has enhanced gaming by a lot already. Another great example of a way Virtual reality has enhanced life if the opportunity to visit locations you have never seen before. “Atlas Obscura is using virtual reality to transport readers to the world’s distant, exotic locations” (Bilton, 2017). To be able to sit in your living room and visit Tokyo would be an exciting adventure. Virtual reality has so many possibilities to enhance your life, and it does not stop at gaming and luxury. The most beneficial enhancement from Virtual reality is education. With virtual reality you now have so much hands on learning capability to train students with this is a true improvement to the education system. On Unimersiv students can enter classes from just about anything from business, science, to physical education. Unimersiv has the most resources to immersive virtual reality content for educational needs online. (Thomas, 2015) Virtual reality has such a big future in education. It is clear that Virtual reality can enhance your life but how did it begin? It begins with a man named Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproul.

Ivan Sutherland was born May 16, 1938; he is an American computer scientist, internet pioneer, and known as a creator of many computer graphics. Bob Sproul Ivan Sutherland’s student was born in 1945; received his master’s degree in computer science and known for working for Oracle Labs (Celebrity Birthdays, n.d.). “In 1968 Ivan Sutherland and his student Bob Sproul created the first VR / AR head mounted display (Sword of Damocles) that was connected to a computer and not a camera. It was a large and scary looking contraption that was too heavy for any user to comfortably wear and was suspended from the ceiling (hence its name). The user would also need to be strapped into the device. (Virtual Reality Society, 2017). Now the reason Ivan thought of Virtual reality was to create the “Ultimate Display” so in 1965 he created a concept that made you view a virtual world to appear realistic. Ivan thought up the ultimate display as a room where you could control matter or the existence of it. If an object were displayed, you would be able to touch it or if something fatal were to appear it would actually cause harm. “With appropriate programming such a display could literally be the Wonderland into which Alice walked” (Virtual Reality Society, 2017).

As great as Virtual reality has come it has went through many hardships through its time lime: Such as price since most VR headsets range from prices of $400-$600 ranges money has become a big obstacle for Virtual reality; “VR right now comes at too high of a price point for many” (Wiltz, 2017). There’s also still way too little information on the side effects VR can cause such as vision problems and seizures; “Many VR side-effects are believed to be temporary and leave no lasting damage, but there have been few long-term studies into use of the technology” (Davis, 2016). Lastly, there is still a major lack of content to take the leap into purchasing a VR device for most struggling households. Therefore, Virtual reality still has many hardships to overcome but the future for VR shines bright. The future of Virtual reality has so many endless possibilities and some of these possibilities are ones we can share with family and friends such as going to the cinema. “If cinema is a shared dream, this is a shared reality(Charara, 2015)” The fact is Virtual Reality can be the source of tons of shared realities. Virtual reality will soon not be restricted to simulated animations due to VRSE. VRSE’s documentaries have outnumbered short films on the mobile, and soon will own a 180 or 360-degree video section to rival the VR movie companies with bigger budgets. During this time Facebook has been excitedly encouraging these changes since the owning of Oculus.(Charara, 2015) Then there’s places looking into VR theme parks; therefore, all those thrill seeking lovers can truly get the thrills they desire. The February of 2016, China’s Shanda Group declared they were investing $350 million in collaboration with The Void to build a VR theme Park. While Starbreeze a Swedish game studio expects to work with the chain of IMAX theaters to bring premium virtual reality ideals to various commercial locations.

Theirs also amusement parks that are also beginning to implement virtual reality into their previous and future rides such as Six Flags. The summer of 2016 Six Flags had begun updating nine of their coasters to have a Virtual Reality design. (Adi Robertson, 2016) The future virtual reality also shines bright for the sports industry not only is it a way better experience to watch on a VR device but Virtual reality can also assist in training in the future. “This helps football teams prepare players for games without requiring their excessive presence on the field, where they risk being injured and exposed to summer heat. Teams can thus increase practice time without breaking the stringent rules that both the NFL and NCAA (college football) place on outdoor practice”(Dickson, 2016). We also see a chance of new sports coming out of Virtual reality. Therefore, VR is having a big impact on the future of the sports industry. Traveling in a completely new way for people who cannot really do what they use to. “A startup called Rendever is working towards a future where the physical limitations many seniors face won’t prevent them from traveling – virtually. (CBS News, 2016)” At Brookdale Senior Living Community a group of men and woman were allowed to test out Rendever’s new technology.

Thanks to this technology, Virtual Reality will allow many to take trips and explore the world without leaving the comfort of the building. (CBS News, 2016) The future of Virtual reality will really assist the elderly and handicapped in so many ways to continue giving them the life experiences they want to experience. It is hard for people to explore places due mobility, income, and disabilities; Virtual reality is giving these kinds of people the opportunity to feel like they can do whatever they want. The education system has already started putting some VR into how students learn but in the future, it is believed that VR and AR will take over. Virtual reality is the future for education a big success is fieldtrips. Teachers can now create the perfect trip for their class without leaving their classrooms.

With just basic computer knowledge and a concise lesson plan, you will have the required resources for a Virtual trip of success.(Ivy, 2017) With this hands-on training, you can truly immerse your students in their work therefore making them more interested and have a better understanding. The newer generation connect with technology making this a huge improvement in the education system a big leap in the future. Virtual reality is the enhancement of the future we have all needed. “When you consider the inevitable improvements that are to come for this technology, as well as the still-growing library of content for VR, it’s safe to say that? after decades of attempts? virtual reality is no longer something only found between the pages of a science fiction novel” (Kumar, 2016). VR will bring entertainment to a completely new level with gaming, cinemas, sports, etc. While the future of education is going to allow students to be entirely immersed making information easier to grasp, and learning skills and trades at a younger age possible. Lastly, Virtual reality will provide enjoyment in the purest form with friends and family wherever you may be. Virtual reality has succeeded to enhance life because it exceeds the odds one never expects to meet.

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