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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and quickly became the second largest website right behind Google. According to one article, there are over 2.23 billion users, and the average user has 130 friends. Facebook can be used to keep up with long lost relatives and high school friends, business advertisements, or even job openings.

On Facebook, people can post on their status, add pictures, keep up with current events, or simply just post funny cat videos. The users vary from those who post everyday, to those who only get a ‘Happy Birthday’ posted on their status once a year.

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Overall, Facebook users can be broken down into three different types which include new moms, grandparents, and young people.

Baby fever hits in the mid twenties, when everyone else is having babies. When those long-awaited babies are finally born, the Facebook feed certainly makes it known to the whole world. Pregnancy announcements and gender reveals, are usually the first posts to be posted then it is the weekly updates throughout the pregnancies. After the baby is born, comes the baby’s firsts activities, for example, baby’s first bottle or baby’s first bath. When a baby does something for the first time, it can be a big deal for the parents of that child.

The first steps and first words are just about the only thing anyone else will care about, anything in between not so much. According to one study in 2015, moms are more likely to use Facebook than dads. These new moms are typically oversharers; their Facebook friends will know everything about their children, from their latest achievement, to to the last time they had a fever. These users will often go to their status to ask for advice about the most smallest problem, or recommendations for new diapers.

Young mothers are just one of many types of Facebook users. Grandparents still do not trust touch-screen phones or water that comes from the fridge, but the temptation of sending utterly baffling messages to their grandchildren on an everyday basis, persuaded them to jump into the twenty-first century. These types of users will use facebook mainly for keeping up with their beloved grandchildren and watching funny videos. Grandparents will often make a status when they are trying to write on their friends’ wall, and when they finally get there, they write like it is an email; they do not quite get the casualness of Facebook.

Additionally, these types will have an ‘answer my call’ type of phrases with a family member tagged in the post. Furthermore, grandparents are usually the victims of mindless scrolling through video after video. Cat videos have gone viral among the Facebook users, and grandparents are usually the first ones to repost it. Along with cat videos, these types of Facebook users will commonly have many different viral videos such as ‘Fail’ videos with different family members tagged in the comments.

The most humorous types of grandparents is when they misuse the emoji function, for example, mistaking the laughing face for the crying face, that could be a disaster. Young people are the last type of Facebook users. They typically only have ‘happy birthday’ written on their status from the last five years. Occasionally they will have a cat video posted on their wall that their grandparent has tagged them in. Word count:

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