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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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One of the most noticeable similarities between Facebook and WhatsApp is that they are owned by the same company. Facebook, a social media network that connects people from all around the world, was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. WhatsApp, a social media that allows people to keep in touch, was invented by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. Nevertheless, in 2014 WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook Company, owned by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook Company started with the foundation of Facebook, the social network, but then it began to acquired others famous social media such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Mark Zuckerberg decided to spread out his company by acquiring other networks and applications because he wants to make people’s life easier by provide them with free and easily accessible social media that improve communication and interaction. Now, Facebook and WhatsApp are part of the largest social networking company: Facebook.

Another similarity that Facebook and WhatsApp share is that both of them can be used for exchanging messages. As mentioned before, since the internet was created, talk to another person became simpler. People do not have to write letters anymore, wait for them to be delivered, and wait for the answer. Now people just can write a message through their phones or computers, send it, and it will be received by the other person almost at the same time it is sent. Conversations can be held in real time. For exchanging messages, applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp have been created. Those apps allow people to send written or spoken messages. People can not only exchange written messages as they could do it before the internet was available, they can also send voice notes which is even easier and help people save time. Through Facebook and WhatsApp people can have written or spoken conversations with whoever they want. It does not matter the distance. Both can be used to chat in real time.

The last similitude between Facebook and WhatsApp is that both are used to share pictures and videos. Some years ago, before Facebook and WhatsApp started to be popular among people, it was difficult to share digital videos and pictures with others. Cellphones allowed people to take pictures and videos but share them was complicated because it could only be done through a common text message which took a lot of time and was more expensive. Then WhatsApp helped people to share them quicker and with no extra cost thanks to the internet. After people became accustomed to use WhatsApp for doing that, Facebook was improved offering the same facility for people to do it. In WhatsApp, people can send pictures or images privately to only one person or share them publicly with all their contacts through a tool called status. In Facebook people can do the same; they can share the images or videos privately through private messages or publicly with all their friends as they can do it through WhatsApp. Both apps can be used to share multimedia.

Without any doubt technology has enhanced the world. The world today is more connected, and that is called globalization. Intelligent persons have look for ways to help people interact with each other. They have done it through social inventions such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Maybe both social medias were created by different persons with different points of view or perspectives, but actually they are very similar. The vision of the company that owned them is to simplify communication, and those apps do it. They are part of a very important Company that has changed not only communication but also interaction. Therefore, people can expect that both be improved as human beings’ requirements change. The fact that Facebook and WhatsApp perform similar necessary functions such as exchanging messages and pictures or videos, have made them the favorites for thousands of people. To sum up, Facebook and WhatsApp are preferred because they help people with one significant need which is keep in touch and share with their loved ones.

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