Focus on Facebook Advertising

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Updated: Apr 30, 2022
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According to Nicholas Carr’s essay, “The faster we surf across the Web – the more links we click and pages we view – the more opportunities Google and other companies gain to collect information about us and to feed us advertisements”. This process of collecting information about us is worrisome because they would have our private information, and we don’t know how they will use this. I have searched my browsing history and have noticed how many ads correspond to what I have browsed.

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Gathering of personal information targeted advertising, and regulation is something people need to worry about. Gathering personal information is something people need to worry about. There are many examples of data brokers in 60 Minutes on online video. According to Paramount Media, “it offers lists of people with alcohol, sexual, and gambling addictions, and people desperate to get out of debt”.

Addictions are worrisome than on the list. Many people had sexually transmitted disease that looks like computer addiction. It is similar to selling personal information. Ashkan Soltani told that “the software revealed the presence of more than a dozen third parties that the website had allowed in to observe our movements”. There are a lot of tracking sites in the concept map on Disconnect extension. Lists of this map are advertising, social, web search, etc. It sounds like browsing history, interests, and where to buy. However, I worry that it violates privacy. I believe that targeted advertising violates privacy. Also, companies should not know the personal information of users. I worry about advertisements on the internet, like news, articles, social media, etc. There are many examples of Facebook violating privacy. First, “Facebook can still monitor what they are doing with software like its ubiquitous ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons” on other websites. For example, I would like to share posts and attachments with my friends or family on my Facebook account. I clicked “Like” and “Share” in the post for privacy before these users looked at my posts. Facebook sells my data. It is a bad thing because it tries to use users’ activity for advertising. Also, there is something called “Facebook Pixel” which is an “invisible code that’s dropped onto the other websites that allows that site and Facebook to track users’ activity”. For instance, Facebook is not being honest about violating privacy because they are selling users’ data. Second, the suit was responsible for “tech giant of violating the man’s privacy”. The company was “tracking his activities on the cancer research outside Facebook and collecting details about his possible treatment options without his permission”.

In that case, it is more serious about a man’s browsing history, because he didn’t want to share his tracking activity. As a consequence, it violates data collection, and regulation should be put into place. Regulations should be put into place for face recognition and completing consent. Before financial status, “some regulators contend that Facebook has not obtained users’ explicit and informed consent to track them on other sites and apps”. Many user accounts of Facebook collected personal information. It is concerned to be worrisome because there are a lot of users to tracking status without consent and explicit. “Facebook agreed to stop using face recognition technology in the European Union after Mr. Caspar accused it of violating German and European privacy regulations by collecting users’ biometric facial data without their explicit consent”. Personal data was collected from users who agreed to facial data recognition. Facebook will change this for America. For example, facial recognition technology violates privacy because users don’t give their consent. Therefore, what do I think about focusing advertisement? People should be worried about these companies gathering personal information, focusing their advertising, and violations of privacy.

Technology companies, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc., created by people to research the products, compare prices, track deliveries and shipments, and do other things. I have talked about activities and tools for development platforms. I have presented reasons for privacy violation that I’m worried about with my family and friends’ information. In the article about Facebook, it has many reasons for violating privacy including many programs to do tracking activity and businessman’s responsibility for technology companies of his privacy. Regulation should have many reasons such as facial recognition technology. Mr. Caspar accused these companies of violating German and European privacy regulations. Advertisements are unavailable on the sites because I’m looking for research next to them. I joined Google, Facebook, and email account which prove that ads are unavailable. I’m looking for photos and videos of advertisement for the research, and I’m not interested in any ads. I remove them that they are less worrisome than helpful. However, targeted advertising is worrisome when gathering data, violating privacy, and more regulations.

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