To what Extent were Romeo and Juliet to Blame for their Tragic End?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet presents perusers with the narrative of a deplorably destined love. It is the narrative of two young people’s who begin to look all starry eyed at and the general population and conditions that keep them from being as one. Four characters specifically, to be specific Woman and Master Capulet, Juliet’s medical caretaker, and Minister Laurence, assumed a huge part in the devastation of the primary characters and youthful darlings, Romeo and Juliet. These characters, through demonstrations of narrow-mindedness, treachery and specialist over the youthful darlings prompted their frantic activities and extreme demise.

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Woman and Master Capulet, Juliet’s mom and father added to the occasions prompting the death of Romeo and Juliet appropriate from the earliest starting point of the play.. Juliet’s dad, Master Capulet, makes a fa?§ade about the amount he adores and watches over his girl when as a general rule he exhibits that he truly does not have her best enthusiasm on the most fundamental level. In the start of the play, Ruler Capulet says to Paris, (the nephew of the sovereign of Verona, who might bring the Capulet family power and glory in the event that he weds Juliet):

“My child is yet a stranger in the world,

she hath not seen the change in fourteen years;

let two more summers wither in their pride,

Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.”

(II, ii, 8-11).

This gives the peruser the impression of a minding and kind dad, who is worried about his youngster’s prosperity and is worried that she is as well

youthful to be hitched. However, before the finish of the play, when Juliet faces her dad and says she wouldn’t like to wed Paris, he ends up furious with her and says ” Rebellious blackguard!/I tell thee what, get thee to chapel o’Thursday [to wed Paris]/Or never after look me in the face”(III, v, 160-163). Ruler Capulet is demonstrating his actual sentiments toward his little girl and demonstrates the peruser that his genuine thought processes are self-serving. Woman Capulet, Juliet’s mom likewise aids the devastation of Romeo and Juliet by her shallow and conceited nature. She trusts that Juliet ought to wed Paris, not for affection or bliss, but rather on the grounds that Paris is well off and nice looking and will bring the Capulet family more power and glory.

At the point when Woman Capulet says “And discover charm writ there with magnificence’s pen./Inspect each wedded lineament,/And perceive how each other loans content (I, iii, 82-85) she is attempting to persuade Juliet that Paris would make a decent spouse in view of his great looks. Her encourage to her girl shows that she is just worried about picture without thought of her little girl’s desires or needs. Both Ruler Capulet and Woman Capulet have just their own intentions and qualities as a primary concern when they settle on the choice about their little girl’s future. This adds to the defenselessness and seclusion that Juliet feels which in the end drives Juliet to her passing.

Another manipulative, self-serving character is Juliet’s medical attendant. At first glance, she has all the earmarks of being a man that Juliet can trust in amid troublesome circumstances, yet all through the play, her activities would show that she really adds to the obliteration of Romeo and Juliet. At first, she assumed the part of a flag-bearer between the two darlings supporting their relationship by handing-off mystery messages between the destined sweethearts. In the meantime she additionally seemed, by all accounts, to be understanding and thoughtful to Juliet’s emotions by loaning Juliet a thoughtful ear.

However when Master and Woman Capulet ruin Romeo and Juliet’s designs of a coexistence, the medical attendant, to keep her activity, does not endeavor to comfort Juliet, she basically says ” [Romeo] is dead – or ’twere as great he were” (III, iv, 235)and advises her “I think it best you wedded with [Paris]”(III, iv, 218). This causes Juliet anguish since she confided in her attendant, who during the time has turned out to be more similar to a mother to her, and now the just a single she trusted is selling out her. Because of this disloyalty and sentiments of aggregate sadness, Juliet’s musings of suicide wound up predominant and she swung to minister Laurence for help.

Regardless of the way that Minister Laurence filled the role of an accommodating partner to Romeo and Juliet, he eventually helped I their last pulverization. In the start of the play, when Romeo went to Minister Laurence for help, he trusts that the marriage of the two young people may end the long running quarrel between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s. It is clear that when Monk Laurence says “In one regard I’ll thy associate be/For this organization together may so demonstrate,/to turn your family units’ animosity to unadulterated love”(II, iii, 86-88), all he is consider is an approach to end the fight that has caused “three common fights” (I, I, 87), and have caused the unnecessary passing of many.

Indeed, even after Romeo is ousted and there is by all accounts no expectation for Romeo and Juliet, all Monk Laurence can consider is “burst (reporting) thy marriage” (III, iii, 150). What monk Laurence does not understand is that he is giving false would like to both Romeo and Juliet, enabling them to trust that their lives will in the end be good. Actually, we as perusers realize this can never be, and hence, monk Laurence is setting the phase for Romeo and Juliet’s obliteration.

In the play, the primary characters are young people who are compelled to manage to a great degree complex issues encompassing their straightforward love for each other. The general population, who impact them to do as such, are the ones who are in charge of the demise and obliteration of Romeo and Juliet.

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