The World was a Much Different Plac

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Updated: Mar 27, 2021
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The World was a Much Different Plac essay

Throughout the 21st century, our perspectives on inequality have drastically changed. African Americans and Whites can attend the same school, walk the same street, even use the same bathroom facilities. Same-sex marriage has even been legalized in the United States. America now has a different outlook on inequality but even though laws have been passed, discrimination still exists against African Americans and also homosexuals. Similarly, in The Overdue Case against Sex-Segregated Bathrooms by Laura Portuondo shows how Krystal Etsitty, a transgender woman, was fired from her job as a bus driver for her intent to use women’s public restrooms along her route. In 2007, she lost an employment discrimination suit because According to the Tenth Circuit, Etsitty was fired not because of her employer’s discriminatory beliefs but instead because of her employer’s-and potential female legitimate commitment to sex-segregated bathrooms. Racial segregation is the enforced separation is seen of different racial groups in a country, communities. While LGBTQ activists have done substantial and important legal advocacy challenging sex-segregated spaces,’ the sex-segregation of bathrooms remains outside of the scope of legitimate concern for many legal supporters working for gender and sexual justice. America was in the midst of a racial conflict. African Americans used separate bathrooms, went to separate schools and were treated with the least amount of respect.

The world was a much different place where separation was the standard. Today though, the majority of Americans think people of color have overcome this inequality. But have they genuinely? Social norms of the era said that the home was a woman’s place. Even as women entered the workplace, often in the new shops that were being built at the time, there was a unwillingness to integrate them fully into public life. Women, policymakers argued, were naturally weaker and still in need of protection from the harsh realities of the public. According to the article, “Although a shortage of accessible restrooms clearly harmed women, and women activists worked to secure their broader provision, the emergence of women’s-only restrooms should not be hailed as an unmitigated feminist victory. It is significant that policymakers chose to increase women’s access by building more separate restrooms for women rather than by simply integrating existing men’s rooms.”. Therefore, separate bathrooms were introduced in nearly every aspect of society. Women’s reading rooms were combined into public libraries, separate train cars were started for women, keeping them in the back to protect them in the event of a smash and with the arrival of indoor bathrooms that were then in the process of replacing single person outhouses. Today, even though culture’s views on women have mostly changed, sex-segregated bathrooms stay as the ritual.

We all know there is nothing more vital to transgender people than to ‘pass meaning that transgender people want others who carelessly encounter them to assume they are just like all of the other fellows of the gender they classify with most transgender people do not want others to assume whether they are transgender. I recently went to a party where the bathrooms were not sex-segregated. There was only one multi-stalled bathroom that did not even have a door on it rather only an open entrance way. Men and women formed a line starting at this entry way and waited for the next stall to open. Not one person looked awkward. As human beings, we like to sort everything. It makes us feel contented. But the truth is that when you start putting your underwear into the same drawer, it doesn’t fall apart. You might be able to find what you’re looking for. And pretty soon you’ll forget that you ever felt like you wanted to separate them. We combined our schools and our bathrooms among races. We have altered our sidewalks and our houses to permit access to people with disabilities. I believe we need to reshape the space we live in so that it no longer pleasures cis-gendered bodies. Due to preserving our insignificant, socially constructed knowledge of relief is not worth compromising other people’s security, and kindness. Wonder

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