The Renaissance Period during the 1400 Century in Florence Italy

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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The Renaissance was an intellectual, scientific, and cultural changing period that began during the 1400 century in Florence Italy. There are three key reasons that caused the Renaissance, which was the plague that were fleas on rats which lead to the Black Death and killed approximately 30%-60% population, the renew interest in secular (non-religious) things. For example, artists stopped drawing their paintings religiously and they found other things worth living for, and humanism creating a new modern way for them to communicate faster than usual.

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Money was also a main cause because Europeans needed money to pay the famous artists. Renaissance was important because of the European changes in the art and culture , as well as a new start of thinking differently. The best art piece representation from the Renaissance Era that should be on display at SBMA would be “”The Birth of Venus”” by Sandro Botticelli because it’s about Mother Nature combined with our human body showing different kinds of beauty while being nude.

Sandro Botticelli originally named Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi was a famous Renaissance painter. He was born on March 1, 1445, Florence Italy and died May, 17, 1510, Florence Italy. Botticelli’s father sent him to a place to create articles after finishing his education but, Sandro preferred painting so his father then placed him with one of the most admired Florentine masters who was Filippo Lippi. Botticelli was taught panel painting, fresco painting, and linear perspective. Sandro then studied sculptural style from Antonio Pollaiuolo and Andrea del Verrocchio but before he worked on improving his art skills Lippi had left Florence. Botticelli never got married by being dedicated to his art. He lived with his family and got his own work place by 1470 as being pronounced in Florence as an independent master.(, 2018)

The Birth of Venus painting was made by Sandro Botticelli in 1484 Florence, Italy. It was a woman named Venus naked standing on top of a shell in the seashore being blown to the left by the breath of Zephyrus to Ora on the right waiting to cover her goddess body with a detailed blanket gown. The characters in the painting are Venus, the wind gods, and Ora The subject of this piece is to show off her different kind of birth. As well as showing her body since in the Renaissance Era there wasn’t many nude women portrayed. The purpose of this art piece is to visualize the birth of Venus in a modern way when it was an unusual way of being born in the sea.

I think this piece of art is famous because during the Renaissance Era there were difficulties going on that changed the point of view of everyone. For instance, artist stopped painting, sculpting, and building religiously so instead some artist started to portrait women which was unlikely during the changing period of time. It’s known for the story behind it, by Venus being born a different way than others in the sea and the art being aesthetic. The artwork should be on display in Santa Barbara because many people judge women’s bodies, since today’s societies presence focus on our physical looks and multiple people in our community would admire the painting by it not being religiously as some other paintings from other artists during the Renaissance.

In conclusion, Renaissance was a huge turning point that transferred the point of view of people because of artist not doing artworks religiously, so people started buying paintings so that’s how they got money, and Black Death killing multiple of humans. Sandro Botticelli Renaissance men can make a connection to Rihanna in today’s society. Botticelli could do multiple successful things as well as Rihanna because she’s an actress by being in movies and being a singer all the way to having her own marketing makeup creations.

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