The Renaissance 1400-1600 CE

During the two hundred years between 1400 and 1600, Europe experienced an astonishing revival of drawing, fine art painting, sculpting and architecture, which we now refer to as the Renaissance. It was given this name Renaissance which means rebirth. Some things I like about the art created during the Renaissance was that it focused a lot on the economy of Europe and the events occurring during that time. Many social aspects were incorporated into the style of art and influenced artists and their work.

I specifically like Michelangelo’s Artwork including his most famous paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. I like how the paintings use realism rather than surrealism, because it has more depth and dimension. They focus on shadows and perspectives which I think creates a more personal connection between the artwork and the audience. It also takes more skill and time to master this process. Renaissance men are currently no longer trying to progress in understanding God’s designs and aimed to progress in individual understanding and focused on having a widespread of talents and areas of educational knowledge. Some differences between the art from the Medieval time and renaissance time was the targeted audience and who or what message they wanted to pass on to others. Renaissance art emphasized natural beauty, while Medieval art was flat, dark and focused on religious figures.

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Some things I dislike about the art from the Renaissance period is that most of the artworks created were alike. I don’t feel that there were many new ideas that differentiated the style artists created. Artists focused on similar techniques and I feel that this limited them from branching out and creating ideas of their own. Many artists were influenced by what was happening around them, and everything was based off appearance. I personally like Renaissance art, but some aspects people may dislike about the works created were lack of vibrant colors or a positive aura in the paintings, sculptures, and architecture. Most pieces created were serious and important since they were influenced by events happening to or around the artist. This directed artwork to be more socially based rather than imaginative or visionary. For example, Renaissance artists reflected classical themes such as Greek deities and artistic expression. Overall, I like the design of Renaissance art and I appreciate impact it made on the culture of artwork today.

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