William Shakespeare and Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The literary world has seen the rise and fall of many writers who have provided a significant contribution to the enlightenment of the society on various issues through their works. This has been through poems, songs or skits that both entertain and educate the people. Therefore, the study offers both similarities and differences between two writers who have made their mark on society. The writers are William Shakespeare and Lin Manuel Miranda. William and Manuel are two individuals that are both known for the works they have done over the years. Therefore, they are highly deemed in the academic and entertainment sphere. Some of their famous works they have been linked to include Hamilton, in the heights (are Broadway musicals that Manuel created and starred in) and Hamlet and Othello (Tragedies written by William Shakespeare) Manuel and William are male playwrights as well as actors. This is indicated by the works and performances they have been associated with. For example, Manuel starred in Hamilton and in the Heights while William Shakespeare took part in his play Hamlet. This aids in ensuring that they are individuals who are multi-talented (Kraus).

Miranda and Shakespeare have both received glowing responses for the works they have done as Shakespeare are commonly referred to or known as the Englands national poet and the band of Avon as well as the greatest writer in the English Language. Miranda has been the recipient of several awards, and they include the Emmy, Grammy, Tony awards and the Mac Arthur Fellowship (Kraus 2). There is a phrase that states two heads are better than one hence both playwrights have been known to co-produce in their artistic endeavors. For example, Miranda has been a co- lyricists and composer on the Musical bring it on that was performed in the year 2012 on Broadway. Shakespeare has been known to have collaborated in 38 plays, 154 sonnets including narrative poems (Kraus 2). Despite their numerous similarities both playwrights have their set of differences, and they include the fact that they were born and raised in different locations. William was born and brought up in Warwickshire, England while Manuel was born in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights, New York City (Jack 1).

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They both come from different cultural backgrounds. This is not only brought on by their differences in origin or place of birth but also because Manuel Miranda is from a Mexican heritage. It is considered to be one of the minority groups in the present day society, while Shakespeare??™s family is rumored to have been practicing Catholics at a time when Catholicism was forbidden (Jack 1). William Shakespeare is well known for writing histories and comedies while Manuel’s achievements have mainly been in musical plays. Another difference on the two playwrights is that Shakespeare’s works have been used as a tool for learning in well-established educational institutions’ while Manuel’s works are viewed in theatres for entertainment purposes (Jack 2). In comparing and contrasting both playwrights, it is seen that they are influential in their rights despite the different approach and roads were taken. The works of William Shakespeare transcends time, and that is why they are still relevant as the lessons learned still apply to various issues that the society faces. However, both works provide varying perspectives that mainly depend on the writer’s target audience.

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