The Practice of Dissection of Animals

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The response to intense pressure from American Humane, congress passed a bill prohibiting the practice of dissection of animals.In schools because that is how innocent animals die, scientist who perform the procedure under governmental regulation and supervision.Along with the international ladies garment workers union american formed a major committee to limit child labor in the emerging textile industry in the south.And also American Humane advocated for the rights of children in divorce cases. American Humane incorporated under federal law as a non-profitable organization in Washington D.C. in 1903.

In 1905 American Humane headquarters established in an abandoned hospital in Albany N.Y. prior to this the organization had nothing. No furniture, no regular office, and there were no paid employees. To make you understand this article is about American Humane which is like a group that takes care of animals. American Humane spearhead is a campaign for the passage of the national child labor laws, American Humane joined with police forces so they prevent the abuse of workhorses and assist in cruelty investigation.

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American Humane spoke out on animals. They said they have to eat healthy and have to have a good environment in home, they also said that they should not be eating to much or too less. This in my opinion is a good thing by American Humane because the fact they are linked with police forces. And people who abuse will pay for what they do.

American Humane did a thing in 1915 in which it was kind to animals week. And they launched a national poster for children, be kind to animals week is celebrated annually on the first week of may and is the oldest special week long observances in the U.S. And also the U.S. secretary of war invited animal humane to do something similar like the red cross but not for the soldiers. But for animals so the Animal Humane made a red star animal relief center to rescue wounded horses from battle fields.

After the world war 1 the red star program turned its attention. From animals caught in disaster areas, to providing people. Almost thousands of elk in yellowstone national park who were starving to death, but back in 1925 animal humane set up a committee to investigate cruelties of animals during movies.

Rear admiral richard byrd honored with American Humane’s humanity medal for the special care and humane treatment of his dog of his polar exhibition.And animal humane urged the federal bureau of biological survey to discontinue the use of poison in the control of predatory animals. As a result of animal humane called nations to stop polluting the seas and they have saved a lot of bird life.

For example the Mississippi river flooded. And American Humane red star center helped rescue and feed stranded farm animals.They also passed a bill to protect the bald eagle. So this is just the timeline of different rights from 1920 to today and whatever stuff happened in the passed is now working in the present day. So it is kind of amazing of how this time changed animal rights.

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