Using Animals for Medical Testing is both Ethical and Essential?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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In this Argumentative essay I have chosen to talk about Animal testing and why I think it is needed in today’s work of medicines and cures. I will be given you four main facts on why I believe it is still very helpful to us humans and even helpful to the animals themselves. Honestly speaking people have become so sensitive in today’s environments about many things like animal feelings, or they think like us humans.

They truly forgotten that these animals where mainly bred for humans to use them however they please.

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Do not get me wrong I truly love animals with a passion but when it comes to health who are you willing to save your love ones or your pets?

As I was researching on this topic an article caught my eye. Using Animals for Medical Testing Is Both Ethical and Essential It Talked about Using the Animals for the medical testing could be both ethical and essential at the same time. It talks about the uses of medical animal testing, saying it was both ethical and essential. The Foundation today for the biomedical research happens to be one of the nation’s oldest and biggest organization that has dedicated itself into improving both the human and animals’ health. The animals that happens to be used for the testing plays a very big role in the scientific progress.

So, by testing the animals with drugs to develop the new surgical procedures, the animals are the main keys that could develop a new treatment for them and the humans. I understand that many of us humans are attached to the animals we call family or a friend, so to hear about animals getting tested most would be against it completely without the testing we would not know how to help our sick furry companions. The testing plays a part in this science that could be helped in the new advance surgical technique like organ transplants.

The second one Testing Is Bad Science I will talk about Is the fact that the scientists are given up on testing the animals because so many people are so against them using the animals as test subjects. Like I said many of the scientists believed that if they decide to give up their archaic habits, diseased and sickness of both children and adults also the injured victims would die by millions because they could not test on animals.

Some of the studies have shown that in the past There where medical journal’s experimenters have been using both humans and animals. They would then infect the animals with a disease they would normally not have, most people have miss conception that animal experiments help both animal and the human party.

As I was looking at this article, I believe that the author strongly think that animal testing is not helpful and downright evil. But I still believe that animal testing is very useful and could help know the animal and the human body, what makes us the same and different. I think that if we test on animals, we can carefully and fully understand the body, once we know about both the animal and human body, we will not need to test on them anymore and focus on something completely different.

I do understand that testing on animals is wrong but what else could we do the pills and the treatment that we receive now where do you think it came from who tested it to make sure it was safe for us to use before the little Peta group popped up saying using animals were wrong. Now even to this day people are willing to die than to take anything that is tested on by animals.

The third article Animal Testing Is Becoming More Humane is about the Animal testing being more humane. As I was looking for more information about the animal testing, I found out that the technology was being developed so that the animal testing would more harmless. Back then scientist would put the animals under anesthetize just to give them the drug test, then they would watch how the animal reactions and the movement changed or stayed the same. Later in the years the scientists have been using less of the laboratory animals. Luckily for the new and better experiment uses they were able to get a more of a clean result when doing testing on the animals in a safer way.

Some of the main drug companies are showing some interest in the alternative on the whole testing on animals and is screening the compounds of the fetal development. I think that as the technology continues to grow rapidly the testing on animals will be easier and safer for them as well. Animal testing will be very safe in the near future, but as of now this is as safe as we can go until we find a better way to go around it.

Yes, I understand that people will still disagree with me about testing on animals but if it really came down to it would they take the animals place and take all the drugs and test that would come after it. Are they willing to take the trial and error?

In the last article Animal use and Lessons Learned in the U.S. High Production Volume Chemicals Challenge Program I decided to investigate was about animals being used and the lessons the United Stated learned from it. So the companies were told about the animals welfare and the principles of the problem that had arisen.

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