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Updated: May 08, 2023
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Every company has to a way its organized to conduct business. The company will hire the most qualified candidates to lead this effort. There can be several different departments within a company from the production, servicing of the product, and employee management. This allows for each part of the company to come together to meet the goal of satisfying the customer. We will discuss the process view of operational management which includes inputs, processes, outputs, information flows, suppliers, and customers.

Operations Management

What is operations management? It is defined as systematic design, direction, and control of processes that transform inputs into services and products for internal, as well as external customers.

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Every company is in competition with one another, which means they have to find was to increase brand awareness to the customer. This is where operational management plays an integral part in making sure this happen as it will focus on using the fewest resources possible to include labor, time and of course money. The overall objective is to make sure the product or service is meeting the customer needs. If you need a company as an example take a look at a company like Dominos pizza and how they are now able to compete with others like Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. The operations management has been able to be efficient and effective making sure the product and the cost meet customer needs. They’re offering delivery hotspots, low prices and convivence of an phone application. I think about a small business, do they implement this structure within their workforce? Is this why most of them fail?

Evolution of Operations Management

Operations is and has always been what gives an organization the power to act: to create value for its customers; to capture value for its shareholders; and to share value with its ecosystem. There are different factors that play into the evolution of operations management, which one of them is technology. It has allowed companies the ability to more efficiently make products, communicate with customer to gather their needs, and supply them properly. Due to the population increasing and consumers wanting more products faster, cheaper and easier to acquire the need for effective management has changed from where it was in the past; hence creating the need for a supply chain. This chain helps get the product from the supplier to the customer. That product doesn’t have to be something tangible either.

Role of Operations Management

The goal of every business is to be as successful as possible in selling a product or service its customer. The only way to do this is to have a mission and a strategic plan in place to help innovate while providing staying true the product of service. Remember, a customer doesn’t always have to be some external. There are internal customers also such as the companies employee’s. In manufacturing firms, the head of operations usually holds the title chief operations officer (COO) or vice president of manufacturing (or of production or operations). The corresponding title in a service organization might be COO or vice president (or director) of operations. These are the people that are put into place to enforce what is necessary to help other employee’s see the mission of the company.

Operational management means that we are going to see the bigger picture for the company and not just about the money that can come from the product or service. The company has a mission and/or strategic plan management helps the employee’s understand to help reach the goal for the customer. The evolution has to be recognized because times have changed and customers need to have things faster and the evolution of the operational management needs to be innovative. The supply chain is the right way to make sure the product gets to the customer.


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