Operations Management in Healthcare Industry

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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In healthcare sector, operations management plays an important role. Today healthcare industry are mainly looking for improving operational efficiencies and reduce costs while continuing to improve quality of care due to the challenging environment [1]. Recently, IoT-based smart rehabilitation has been introduced in order to reduce the problem of insufficient resources due to increasing aging population [2, 3]. RFID technology is the basic technology for IoT, which allows microchips to transmit the information to a reader through wireless communication. By using RFID, people can be easily identify, track and monitoring things automatically [4].

The Indian government has promoted India as a destination for medical tourism, whereby its high quality service and reasonable costs that may attract many peoples from other countries. In addition to this, the Indian healthcare industry is also competing with countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand [5]. Besides offering good quality medical services, one way in which the Indian healthcare industry can compete is to be more efficient and effective in their operations [6]. Although IoT technology is able to help India to achieve this, many hospitals are still reluctant to implement IoT technology [7]. There are several literatures that are mainly focused on factors that affect the adoption of IoT in logistics and supply chain management [8] and manufacturing [9], but there is a lack of empirical research on the determinants of IoT adoption in the healthcare industry. Most of the studies focused more on the barriers [7], applications and risk associated with IoT technology [10, 11].

Therefore, factors that drive IoT adoption in healthcare industry is largely unknown. The adoption of IoT within a hospital needs to involve decision makers (top management) and IoT users in hospitals (healthcare and supporting staffs) [12]. Our study mainly focuses on determinants of IoT adoption in healthcare industry and to investigate the effect both in top management level and occupational level. The findings of this study will improve the understanding of potential drivers of IoT adoption by healthcare supporting staffs and managers in the Indian healthcare industry. With this study, decision makers will have the idea to create strategic future plans and focus on critical success factors and address risks, to implement adoption of IoT technology in the healthcare industry.

Operations Management in Healthcare Industry essay

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