Project Management and Operations Management

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Updated: May 08, 2023
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I think that nowadays, more and more professionals are interested in strengthening their knowledge and somehow ‘formalize’ their experience by obtaining a certification in their field. Many times, it can be difficult to detect or choose the most appropriate certification, I think that the certification to choose depends on, among other things, the professional sector, the goals, and the professional needs. I think that HRM principles are based on practicing active listening, which allows detecting needs and interests in internal and external clients to seek full satisfaction in the client.

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HRM focused on employees, if employees are satisfied, customers will be satisfied. HRM promotes the achievement of goals with workers, taking into consideration their experiences, interests, and needs, making the work meaningful and their performance becomes something meaningful for them. For the human being, the significant thing is everything that relates to the mind, though, cognition and culture. On the other hand, operation management focused on production, quality, organization, etc. I think that HRM and OM are very different, but they are connected, and one depends on the other one, if the two areas do not integrate, we could not measure and manage staff performance.

Both project management and operations management use a lot of planning when it comes to resources. Operations managers can monitor a project, they don’t necessarily focus on it. Unlike project managers, whose sole purpose is to monitor and report situations that may affect the successful completion of a project within the established time frame, operations managers are more concerned with ensuring that the entire organization is functioning efficiently. In addition, an operations manager has more responsibility when it comes to managing the organization’s budget. This means creating a budget that includes employee salaries, general expenses, and other company expenses. On the other hand, a project manager only deals with the budget allocated to its assigned project and the revenue that the project can generate. Although there are key differences between the two roles, neither of them can succeed in business if they don’t work together.

Project managers will fail if they do not obtain the necessary resources and support from the operations manager. For professional service organizations, standardizing a profession is very important, from my point of view, most professionals work with independence from their colleagues and are linked to their clients. The standardization of behaviors and procedures is achieved through the professionalization of its members, which means that a good part of the standardization is set by professional associations and groups and not by the organization. I will use a real scenario as an example. A few years ago, I was working in leadership for an X company, we have an issue where a considerable number of employees where losing their badges, the same employees keep losing their badges several times whiting few months, every time an employee reported the missing badge.

I would have to fill a form to request a new one, we would have to take a new employee picture and print a new badge, this was a big matter to me because it keeps happening over and over again and we were wasting time and money. I talked to management and I suggested to implement a lost badge policy, my suggestion was to create a policy where if an employee loses their badge the first time, we would have a conversation about it with an HR representative present, second time, the employee would receive a first warning, third time, the employee would receive a second warning, fourth time, the employee would receive a final warning, and if it happens again it would be resold in employee separation. Management took my suggestion into consideration and with HR involved they came up with a lost badge policy. After the policy was implemented, surprisingly we dint have any more missing badges.

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