The Movie of Mice and Men

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Updated: Mar 07, 2023
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The movie Of Mice and Men was based upon the great depression that started in October 29, 1929. The great depression was a time where the world’s economy was flipped on its backside. It was initially started by the stock market crash that started in 1929 that caused panic to many of the wall street and it caused many investors to lose what they had invested in. The great depression was better described as a combination of domestic and worldwide conditions that would all lead to one common event which was the worst economy crash in history itself.

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There were many factors that could have led to this and the more common ones that many people tend to lean on are the bank failures, the reduction in purchasing across the board, the American Economic Policy with Europe, and of course the infamous stock market crash of 1929. Although this was not the sole reason that the world spiraled into an economic tragedy, it was one of the first events that happened that would affect the economy in a big way, making it easier for other disasters to kick the economy while it was already down. The stock market crash occurred on October 29, 1929 when investors traded around 16 million shares on the New York Stock exchange is one day. After this thousands of investors were wiped out after losing billions of dollars.

This would further be followed with bank failures. During this depression over 9,000 banks started to fail and peoples deposits weren’t insured and this would cause banks to fail as well as cause the people who deposited their money to completely lost their savings. However, there were banks that survived in this time, and they realized that they could very well fall into the same problem as every bank that had failed before them. As a result of this they started to stop creating new loans. This means that there would be fewer expenditures. This leads to the next problem of the reduction of purchasing items.

All this really is, is that people wealthy or poor would stop purchasing items in fear of any sort of further economic damage. This would greatly impact the people who would make these items because people would stop making the items because nothing was being sold in the first place. This is bad because this means that there was reduction in the amount of work that people could have, which also means that many people started to lose their jobs as they lose the work to do. By this time there was an unemployed rate above 25%.

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